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E-book Reader – Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device 2

Kindle was launched for the first time since he led a revolution in the concept of reading, as this small ultra-portable device allows users to receive and read their literature preferred (be it a novel or magazine) where they had , without connecting to a computer. The Kindle 2, began in February 2009, this idea is based on, but some major improvements on this front lot, while retaining the features of this model, the first so-popular.

Some of its main features are:
Slim: just over 1 / 3 of an inch thin, like most magazines.
Lightweight: At 10.2 ounces lighter than a typical paperback.
Books in less than 60 seconds: Wi-Fi Get books delivered in less than 60 seconds, no PC needed.
3G Wireless: 3G Wireless lets you download books directly from the Kindle, no annual contract, monthly fees and no hunting for Wi-Fi hotspot.
International reporting: Enjoy a 3G network coverage at home orabroad in over 100 countries.
Paper-like Display: reads like real paper with no glare, even in direct sunlight.
Enter your library: For up to 1,500 books.
Long battery life: reading for days without recharging.
Read-to-Me: Text-to-speech feature, try reading the books with Kindle newspapers, magazines, blogs and strong, unless the book is the copyright holder, the function is not available.
Free Book examples: Download and read first chapters for free before decidingto buy.
Great choice: more than 350,000 books, of which 104 of 112 New York Times bestseller, as well as U.S. and international newspapers, magazines and blogs.
Low Price Book: New York Times bestsellers and new releases are $ 9.99, unless otherwise notified. When traveling abroad, you can save object to download books from Kindle Store Wi-Fi or yours. U.S. customers pay a fee of $ 1.99 for international downloads are free.
The shops of Kindle 2 2 GB of memory, enoughStore up to 1,500 e-books. What the battery life of e-book reader up to 4 days after studying a single charge. Of course, if you disable the wireless module, the battery life is significantly improved.

The Kindle 2 offers a broad portfolio of file compatibility, including the following formats: TXT, MP3, Kindle (AZW), Audible (format 4, unshielded MOBI, Audible Enhanced (AAX)), PRC natively, PDF, HTML , JPEG, DOC, GIF, PNG, BMP through conversion. If youTone and wonder what MP3 format is to do with this, I must say that new technology is a position argument Kindle in rich stereo speakers and text-to-the-machine "read" in basically for the user.

Good news for international readers! From October 19, 2009, Kindle is on the Internet for the first time for international orders.

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