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The reading on the go: Kindle VS VS Nook iPad

If you see someone on the list or Christmas gifts that you really like an e-reader, you have three options to choose from. Each of these options, Kindle, and Nook The iPad is a perfect gift for someone who lacks a holiday e-Reader and options. We see the basis for each of the three in terms of functionality, reliability and price. In determining the players choose, keep in mind the age and maturity of the person you are buying. We want to ensureThey buy the most user-friendly for the recipient's age and you get the best solution for the person on your gift list for the best price.

Kindle, Reader and functions and Nook iPad

The Kindle

The Kindle reader enthusiasm, and began several years ago. When the first Christmas market was in was very expensive and very easy. Since then, the Kindlecame with the 3rd generation of Kindle is that standard Wi-Fi, 3G, but you can buy an extended package of package T is the Kindle, with an AT &.

The Kindle currently has more than 600,000 books in the library books, Amazon Kindle, and is still very fast) download books (usually about 30 seconds for a whole book. "S Turn the page to a Kindle is a very fast speed, even after one charge of the Wi-Fi, isis about 14 days worth of battery life on the Kindle. This is because the screen is with E-Ink and the power is used only if you use the buttons on the Kindle.

Kindle currently retails for under $ 150. Please base for Web browsing, but the Kindle Kindle is only black and white.

The Nook

The Nook bought for about the same price as the Kindle and has many of the same characteristics. It has Wi-Fiand reducing the basic Web surfing, e-ink display battery life, and also has 3G capabilities. Nook books from Barnes & Noble will be downloaded.

Some advantages of the Nook on the Kindle is that it may take weeks to two shares an e-mail and download e-book with someone else, at least in a corner free of charge. This is something the Kindle does not offer yet. The bottom of the Nook has a color touch screen to type, while the Kindle has a fullbuilt-in keyboard.

Some people prefer the keyboard on the touch screen and the touch screen requires more battery life of Nook Kindle. The Nook is a points system based Android operating system and comments on this page, turn on the Kindle is slow to Nook. It takes about a few seconds, a page has a big drawback for some viewers.


The iPad is not just an e-Readerbut rather a shallow sort of touch-screen laptop. However, it is an application of e-readers, which is full of features. How was the iPad, published only recently has sold only about 60,000 books and book prices in general or on Kindle Nook iPad. It is believed that the library will increase by choice. Also on the iPad you can use the Kindle, the thousands on access to hundredsTitles for the Kindle. The iPad is a computer with a "feature" E-Reader is installed. To get started, even in the sale price of $ 500 to interrupt the charging process iPads retail for around $ 800.

Readers are readers looking for a simple email and then the third generation of Kindle seems to be still excited at first. The pages turn quickly as if you read a book, and you have to buy more of a selection of books. The Kindle costs Nookbut the touch screen on the bottom for the purchase of books. Both e-readers are a good choice, but for the avid reader, the Kindle could be better choice between the two, according to most reviews of the products. The iPad would probably be bought not only for the sole purpose of the use of e-Reader. It has the ability to complete the Internet and can be used on her a laptop with the features of an e-reader. For the price should not buy an iPadsomeone on your gift list wants a reader e-mail, you should use the Kindle or the Nook.

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