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Wonders of the Kindle 3G DX – DX eReader graphite with 9.7-inch screen is a winner

Kindle DX 3G is a package that the reader of all things that you in a good book. Personally, I'm reading a lot, we can say that I am a regular reader. There are about 30,000 miles in 6 weeks and now I'm traveling mean weight loads of heavy books can I buy Kindle DX 3G, as the weight down, which can be easily transported anywhere built.

I am with my decision because the quality of the product very satisfied. The overall improvement of quality of life andReadability is very impressive. The Amazon Kindle E-Reader DX Graphite has three-inch screen with a keyboard and all the advanced features of e-mail reader 9.7 required for a vote. It is the largest e-Reader ships of up to 50% more hours of resolution and contrast with previous models. The screen resolution is 1200×824 pixels at 150ppi, with 16 shades of gray and a contrast ratio of 10.1. The price is quite affordable, costing just $ 379.

Ianalyzed the various electronic devices to read and 6 inches or more, 9.7-inch e-reader is like reading a magazine for the most part. E 'thin, you can see. This is a feature through which light gray with E-Ink, this means that you can enjoy reading without eye strain. It also helps to reduce the glare of sunlight, so that the best view.

The properties I buy this product are as follows: Provides accessDictionary, book mark and mark the pages. book size and font options can be set to deal with an independent and can be searched on Twitter. The web world is in your hands. There is also a feature that readers can close the books on the device and with Amazon, so your order, you can directly from her. menu system is unique, intuitive and user-friendly.

In simple terms, a winner DX 3G. 3G can be accessed, where each of AT & T hotspot, and alsooffers a Wi-Fi coverage. The battery is great and you can actually leave the unit for about 2 or 3 weeks with WI-FI. If you want to do it on Wi-Fi, you can always use for 1 week. It also has a USB port, stereo speakers and acceleration sensors that allow between landscape and portrait orientation.

I like my Kindle reading experience with DX 3G. I recommend buying from Amazon.com for low prices and qualityServices.

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