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Amazon Kindle 2 Review – Why the Amazon Kindle 2?

For bookworms and those who want to travel a lot, Amazon Kindle is absolutely Gadget, you should have. Amazon Kindle 2 in this post I will show the version and features of Amazon Kindle 2 in the first sheet.

Amazon Kindle 2 is an updated version of Kindle 1.0, with its stylish and elegant tablet treat lightly. In addition to producing more Amazon Kindleand functional laptop, better graphics and faster refresh rate makes it a complete package. It offers an experience that hammers clearly printed books. The Kindle 2, but can only be saved by 1500. Speaking of great things come in small packages! It 's also a book that is used in compact electronic audio-book reader and a wireless Web browser. The first version, the Kindle was first published in November 2007 in the U.S. a. It 'was in the month of February2009, when Amazon announced two advanced version of Amazon's Kindle.

Review Kindle Kindle 2 vs 1
The Kindle 2 offers an improvement over the first Kindle The main developments are:

HARDWARE: Kindle 1 was told by some research that hinders. In addition, the navigation is confusing and bizarre. The Kindle 2, the other side seems to be demanding with keyboards and friendlyfunctional. The device is also thin, which just adds to the aesthetics. Keep your device you can easily with one hand, a "more difficult to read the bit. The screen is also clearer than the original version, the now 16 different shades of gray for 1 to 4 in Kindle.

sampling frequency: the original, Kindle Kindle 2 updates its screen to 20% faster improvement. compared this is a really greatit simply means that the device used for information and change it to another when you switch pages.

BATTERY LIFE: The battery is not really a problem because the Kindle has not really affected even more. The strength of the Kindle is usually much more than a week before calculating% are new Amazon Kindle 2 has a battery life of 25! Well, a much longer battery life is nice but not really necessary. What's really good on Kindle2 is the ability to download via USB or AC adapter.

SOFTWARE: For this review, Amazon Kindle 2, we saw that not much has changed two hours Kindle work. The most obvious change is the ability to search and a dictionary, easy. Not looking for the meaning of words on a separate screen. Kindle 2, as in line with the word, a convenient way to see and read. The menus usually better organized andbetter.

Amazon Kindle 2 PRO Review:
TRAVEL: Amazon Kindle 2 in our opinion, the Kindle 2 is definitely great for travel. There is no need to carry heavy books in their luggage. Currently you have the car packed with several kilos.

File Storage: You can E-DOC, TXT, PDF, and Kindle files to e-mail archiving.

Books at any time, almost all the books you need are on the Kindleto save. There are some exceptions, as some esoteric reference books. And as the technology develops especially in the cyber world, most have become publishers of electronic books.

Amazon Kindle 2 Review CONS:
Delicate: six. the genre tends to throw the man, the case, and if anything, is not whether the Kindle is very sensitive, especially now that it is subtle.

No SD slot: no, but you can expand the memoryIt holds about 1,500 books. But a large number of books

Transport plane: Flight attendants will ask you to turn it off during takeoff and landing. In fact, it is possible that there are no current other electronic devices. It 's basically an ePaper.

In summary, review, Amazon Kindle 2, Kindle 2 in order to solve this problem, the problems that the Kindle has some big performance improvement, and shows us anything, it is the future. Amazonhas certainly captured the world of electronic books.

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