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Amazon Kindle 2 – is the best e-book reader on the market?

Amazon Kindle 2 is currently the best selling digital book readers on the market. Other hot-selling models are the Ectaco Sony PRS-700 BC jetBook. The Kindle 2 can be the hottest e-book reader, but the best on the market?

One of the main strengths of the Amazon reader, this book, Amazon is supported by the largest retailer in the world. You can choose from more than 260,000, Books magazines, newspapers and blogs international digital music player. And "even if enabled, wireless data plan or pay bills 3G) to buy the books anywhere in the U.S. (without necessity. These are qualities that readers are only models for the production of digital books.

The new Kindle 2 also has a number of new features. For starters, you can understand the meaning of a particular word, simply by moving the cursorthe word for the automatic setting. The interface also includes a keyboard and a 5-way cursor for easy navigation. It 'also cheaper than the Sony Reader Digital Ectaco.

To put it simply, without all the features of the Kindle 2 is more convenient and has many more features than the Sony PRS-700 BC and Ectaco jetBook. There is a real reason not to buy just because Amazon readers? A. For starters, the Sony PRS various mediadocument formats of Amazon's model, making it a versatile player. The Sony Reader is a touch screen, where navigation is a simple question.

A major difference between the reader from Amazon and the other two models is the design. The Kindle 2 is coming only in white, while the other two models in different colors (black, white, red, etc.) can occur. In fact, you can change the look of your Sony Reader PRS-by buying aThousands of skins that are available for sale. If all the readers, if you want a functional and feature-rich book, nothing comes close 2 If Kindle book reader seeking a more elegant and aesthetically customizable digital, you can use other models on the market.

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