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Amazon Kindle RH Graphite – 5 Pro hottest new Ebook Reader

July 2010, not only a precursor of the monsoon in most of the United States and Britain (among other regions). He also brought a reason to celebrate what many others nice cool climate – the latest Amazon Kindle DX, aptly named the graphite better!

What's more, it is great gift idea!

For Amazon Kindle eBook Reader DX graphite – Benefits Buyer

It 'a sport bigger, leaner and much improved9.7-inch screen (like a model than 6-inch screen as the old one), offers a contrast ratio in excess of 50 percent compared to the old Kindle DX and a funky-looking graphite finish this new version of the company is certainly an elegant style to the last, but boring, exchanged looks white!

Amazon buyer was told that the white looks classic, it was a lot of candidates, but the reason for the sophisticated graphite color schemeincluded in the design of new updates with DX Kindle redrawn, the reader should offer more of the same small package for a growing world of e-books.

The show is already well under way with products like hot cakes in the virtual world, like Amazon offers a good price for the Kindle DX graphite product, only $ 379! graphite compared to the $ 110 Kindle slash the price of launch price has increased sales of DXManufactured to a large extent, improved properties, as a designer-look, change the color and its free access 3G models are combined to give more benefits than the previous all Amazon. (Yes, this means that there is no more contracts Cloudy for the characters of wireless support!)

This new version also has an auto-rotation indicator of cool, clear and precise landscape and portrait mode just a simple USB connection supports the functionality of the whole world and a 3Gpractical use of the 3.5 mm audio jack provides a convenient charging less than 5 hours in addition to a battery of two weeks!

A text to speech on the latest features of the DX Kindle, the device can "read for you too!

Finally, with the competitive nature of the online stores offer other advantages for the customer, "early bird" discounted value of Amazon's Kindle DX only graphite is increased – in the context ofCompany has already announced a price cut of welcome, and also offers a lot more bells and whistles with this version.

Visit the website version is the last you'll find the great added value – and turn your passion for selling books best, and!

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