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10 reasons why the Nook is better than the Kindle – Battle of eBook Reader

I must admit that I have a lot of shop Amazon.com. So much to say that I consider a Amazolic. I think it's because I like the best collection of DVDs, clothes, gadgets, electronics, books, and almost everyone wants to believe that an offer to purchase. Amazon but I did a little 'thin for the house became a place of support for their side eBook eReader, the Kindle is. Almost as if they had a sort of mind-tricktheir visitors. Let them see the Kindle very often that the percentage of people who visit Earth a book players psychologically convincing Amazon.com also sell and buy electronics.

That's when I saw an article about Kindle is getting a new competitor in the market to eBook Reader, Barnes and Noble Nook. Since the autopilot, I found on BarnesandNoble.com and was pleasantly surprised to see that the homepage is not plastered with a large gap of an eBook reader. InIn fact, there was a small 2×2 inch ad reading "corner, world's most advanced eBook Reader: For more information" to the right of the page. And so it was! No Mind Games, no gimmicks, just a real simple announcement, which definitely caught my attention.

The first pre-orders until mid-December, a slight delay, like Barnes and Noble will be allowed to always be provided with a strong demand for their eReader. If you do not have your order, do not worry, you will receive your new eBook ReaderAt the beginning of January.

Here are 10 reasons why Nook triumphs on the Kindle:

Go to your eyes.

There is no glare or reflection that some complained about the Kindle, and adjustable text size, you can read for hours without discomfort tired eyes.

Free eBook sample.

You can discover a free sample eBooks from all business and not just for new authors, but also occurMost of the books that Barnes and Noble for free on your eBook Reader. The Kindle does not offer this convenience.

Mark your pages and now read.

Nook simple and easy to make bookmarks and notes, highlight passages in one tool that can search for the meaning of a word in mid-sentence, built with the built-in dictionary.

Size, display and specifications.

Compact size – The Nook is about the same sizeand weight as a paperback of medium size.

Expandable memory – With 2 GB of internal memory which can store about 1,500 electronic books Nook. But with a MicroSD memory card slot, this number rose to 17,500 electronic books.

Paper-like Display – The most advanced e-ink Vizplex electronic paper display that reads like the printed page and an eBook can be in full sun as obvious as one reads at home

Color touch screen – offers 3.5 "color LCD touch screen, one-touchand navigation. The Kindle has a grayscale display.

Fast and free wireless – quickly and wirelessly from Barnes & Noble, on AT & T, the nation's fastest 3G network.

Formats supported – Very flexible options, and eReader format EPUB, PDF, MP3 and images that load on your computer or Micro SD card Nook and JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP can be used to create personal screen saver.

Custom Screen Saver – Customize your niche quickly and easilyUpload your photos or use the many standard images.

high-capacity battery – you can read up to ten days without charging (with wireless off). Charging is via USB cable connected to a computer or power.


Only $ 260, Barnes and Noble Reader Ebook Nook is the price of the Kindle 2, but you get more for your money. You get Wi-Fi, an SD slot, built-in support for PDF and additional dual screen makes it look eonsKindle the championship.

Lend easy to publish your ebook with family and friends.

One of the main objections to the elderly and other Kindle eReader is that people prefer the larger family of his friends to buy his e-book or get them from libraries, instead of the above is not very flexible with eReader. The Nook recognizes that people want to share their e-book, and allows a 2-weekLoan period – the time reading a book. You can also add your Nook, give tons of different devices: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or (soon).

Double Screen.

With the traditional single screen that you see in all eBook eReader eReader eBook Nook Barnes and Noble, browsing for books was a workout on their own and often a disappointment. But his capacitive touch screen double, a keyboard, the NookCover Flow-like navigation and takes the embarrassment and the lethargy of E-Ink, and more importantly, opens the door for multi-tasking. You can read a book and look for the music at the same time, and how his music browser on the LCD screen, you look like a shit and ink. set E 'navigation and photos, and the chance for your monitor.

Battery life.

The Barnes and Noble Reader eBook Nook has a battery of 10 daysLife can not admit, the only condition that the Kindle 2 is 14 days, but with all the extra features that comes with, you have 10 days is more than enough time to read the book.

Android integration – leads to endless possibilities.

B & N seems to be open for applications Nook introduced, the same people that bring users a new experience compared to those of other Kindle and eReader exist. Imagine this: your iPod with meltedeBook Reader – which is exactly what you want Nook eReader.

The largest collection of eBooks.

With over 1 million tracks to choose from, the eBook will eBookstore through Barnes and Noble and sent over the wireless 3G network available. Thousands of old titles are free, and many new versions are as low as $ 9.99.

I should also mention that the accessories can be as hot as the Nook Nook Flights Customizemay rubberized plastic covers, leather belts and bags with button artists sleeve covers are just some of the looks that leave their mark for Nook.

I am very interested in Nook eReader, I read a lot and need to be honest, how cool would be some bedtime reading corner with a slight change not with weapons, not because you think too tired to have a traditional book heavy.

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