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eReader Review – Why is the new Kindle?

These early days of the eReader and Kindle go was not the only device on the market eReader. The competition, however, as some steps to help all players on their toes and motivates people to innovate successfully. Thus, the examination of all other options are available, what reasons could just stick with things as they are?

Amazon Kindle has dominated this market at the beginning of thisAll businesses. Only recently, however, an increasing number of participants have registered eReader competition. If the Kindle was close a few years ago he began the steep cost to $ 400, which may discourage people from seriously the decision to buy more goods.

Today there are more players that are cheaper and maybe even to work. Within the first 5 PCWorld magazine Kindle eReader 3, Sony Reader Pocket Edition ee Barnes Noble Nook. As we said the competition offers a better service and Amazon Kindle has certainly step up to the plate.

Before cutting, and some of the keys to the cost of Amazon's Kindle. The price fell from $ 400 per hour illusory economic Kindle $ 139 for the three Wi-Fi. A further improvement will be that consumers can appreciate the smaller share. And "21% smaller and 8 by 5.3 cm to 0.36 cm so that the previous version 4.8 0.34 7.5> Kindle third

The brand new feature, the Kindle 3 is added, the Barnes and Noble Nook gadget currently in its second generation of wireless technology was. Amazon Kindle first competition site as forced before taking on his laurels. Amazon Kindle now wireless capability, these customers can not only shop for ebooks, but also the downloading of content from anywhere.

The readability has been developed to improve contraston the screen. This helps the owner to read different types of lighting. I also like the ability to text and speech Kindle speaker. These are ideal for those who want to sleep outside.

The Kindle is not without problems, although Amazon still over 350,000 songs to download, see Barnes and Noble wins this round, with almost half a million electronic books, newspapers and magazines availablefor their clients. Last but not least is the battery. After weeks of Kindle, if you have Wi-Fi is the full fee, you can go for 2 weeks, but not the use of the function is extended to four.

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