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The iRex iLiad electronic reader begins 800SG – My iRex iLiad eBook Reader Review

He launched iRex iLiad e-reader recently SG 800 is a further objective of identifying some thunder Amazon eBook Reader. IRex iLiad My brief review offers is to view features and specifications that may be of Kindle, and win.

It seems that the minute that all the major manufacturers ebook reader guide to find the tags to the tails of the Kindle the market and offer not only the hardware specifications of the case, but the same benefits. The newiLiad is no different eStore integrated 3G connectivity and best-selling titles in ten dollars. But the iLiad offers some things to the reader Kindle 2 eBooks.

First, the screen is greater than 200 mm (8 inches), it beats the Kindle uses 150mm (6 inch) screen with a clear 50mm (2 inches) and touch screen technology. Irex QWERTY keyboard ugly Amazon Kindle uses to get rid of their models, but a touch screen and stylus interface for accessing devicesNavigation.

Unlike the Kindle iRex has chosen to return to open the road standards. The 800-SG supports a wide range of file formats with DRM. ePub industry speech at the time, good news is that it has received the Iliad, which by many as the industry standard format. You can buy most of the content source to everyone, but especially for the free content on your digital book reader.

The new joint venture company withBarnes & Noble, the book gives users instant access to 750k titles of books online than a minute to download these devices less. This is achieved by (broadband) 3G network of Verizon Wireless, which took the bill to do iRex Amazon in the same way. Also on board from any web browser must be a transaction outside of Barnes and Noble Web site from a computer / laptop connection.

The GS 800 model can also be used inportrait and landscape formats, font size is set to scaling should be sufficient and the best player for the contents, the graphics that is. This is good news because the company also has a strong partnership with a direct flight daily from newspapers and magazines, digital delivery, which is downloaded to the device can be easily integrated 2 GB memory.

As the latest Kindle – International – 800GS can be used all over the world, through the mediation of the GobiModule into the reader and distributed by Qualcomm. It will initially only for the purchase electronically through the SU Best Buy stores for about $ 400, but is expected in European markets in early 2010 for the purchase. Word is that the color of his popular eBook reader will be available some time in winter 2010 and spring 2011.

iRex iLiad e-reader seems to be his new more I see what users have asked theiRex iLiad review sites in recent years. The file formats that do not bind to the specific nature where everything you buy ebooks, a screen big enough, but to maintain a sufficient amount of text, including all on an eBook reader, designed and built, including the recent display technology is within reach.

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