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Kindle vs Nook 3 Review and Comparison

Barnes & Noble and Amazon Kindle Nook are the two serious contenders for the title of best e-reader. There are other electronic readers on the market, but the Kindle and Nook, dominate the scene, while the other continues in the background. Well, these markets probably the leader of a review and comparison of law and how the two Nook Kindle.

After the introduction of the first models of Nook and Kindle, the improvement of individualLater versions have brought the two candidates in detail. It is more difficult than ever, the choice of an angle in which the final decision to buy or the Amazon Kindle. The two models are considered as the Kindle 3G (+ Wi-Fi) and the Nook (Wi-Fi G 3 ).

Any attempt to compare and Amazon Kindle 3 and Nook B & N is required to disclose their similarities rather than emphasize differences. The two e-readers have the same size as a fraction of a millimeter.They are the same weight in just a few grams. The battery life of each one of them is 10 days of reading.

The refinements manufacturer, these two devices are very difficult logos and trademarks in the space. People buy for the Kindle e-reader and for the first time in a variety of meaning, direction and back to the Nook. The competition is closer than each of the two models that look like today. You can not just say that, of course,other considerations. Just as you struggle to decide the winners of VS Nook Kindle?

The selection of e-reader is a matter of personal choice. The best way to deal with review of Kindle Amazon and Barnes & Noble Nook 3 is one of the readers to examine how the use of a card. How much did you read what you read, where do you read? With a clear idea of how you use the player, you can make a selection based on the followingeach device.

1. International travel. You may download the reading in the country? The Nook will only work within the United States. The Kindle can download books and three countries in more than 100 GSM network. However, you may have read one of them around the world for books that I have already downloaded.

2. Weight. 3 The Kindle is lighter (and smaller) than the Nook. The difference is only a few ounces, but that might be importantIf you travel a lot.

3. Navigation. The Kindle has only push-button navigation. The Nook is the touch-screen navigation. This makes you more comfortable?

4. Memory size. Kindle 3, 3500 for books. The Nook is up to 1,500 books. (However, the Nook an expansion slot to expand the memory if you want).

5. Color screen. Another notable difference between the Kindle and Nook is offering a color screen. Thisdoes not seem very useful to a reader, but this feature is something you prefer.

Each of these devices is excellent value for money. The ongoing competition between the two manufacturers has ensured that the quality of products continue to increase, while prices are reduced. The choice is yours, and you can not lose.

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