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The Sony Reader Digital Book PRS-300 eBook Reader convenient digital

It 's just a few short weeks, as the new entry-level Sony Reader Digital Book Stores, in such a short time, but it was found that an effective player, fully equipped, affordable digital eBook.

It seems that Sony PRS 300 has found its ultimate eBook reader with digital. You should be happy with how the public accepted it, and we hope even more for their hit beatlong struggle with the Kindle Industries top dog. So what I did, the PRS-300 is a favorite among readers.

Now, going for a good mix of features and technologies, and that all the major awards, a long way, no matter what the product, committing serious buyer. Seem to explain the criteria for the definition and design, the answer to many criticisms of his predecessor have and retain the best features and improve the landing orwhere it is less appreciated. Then, as to what a great improvement over previous models, as one would expect from a major manufacturer of consumer electronics (let's face it, if we learn that would not be where they are), they invented everything from the 199th launch of the incredibly low price single digits

The Sony Reader Digital Book PRS-300, the plate is made of an aluminum and weights in a new range of colors,only a fraction over 7 ounces (220 grams) can be easily taken with you on the road. The display eInk 125 mm with the latest Vizplex (TM) offers a newspaper like the flickering of the screen has 3 different sizes to choose from, and requires no backlight, so you can read without effort, and can also be used in many hours of reading when the sun is at its brightness. The detail is excellent text on the screens to eight shades of gray.

Storage is provided with 512 MB of internal memory, soYou can work with you on the road for the eBook to 350 bar. These can be purchased eBook reader for Sony's online store or legally downloaded completely free, and easy, the USB 2.0 cable from your laptop computer or directly to your Sony digital ebook download above. The improved battery offers approximately 7,000 paging or two weeks supply of electricity for four hours completely from your laptop or computer, or two hours free with an optional ACAdapter.

The reader is given the complete software for the Sony eBook Library, compatible with PC) Mac only, so easy to organize your personal library on your Pocket Reader Edition (TM. And now, thanks to other file formats supported by PRS300 You can read a lot of ebooks. The inclusion of industry standard EPUB format and PDF files, free e-book, not to forget the classics. TXT,. RTF. DOC and Mobi openNumber of titles of your readers can now.

All this is widely Sony Digital Book Reader is the high cost of it? Now the good news is that Sony has really dropped the prices of digital eBook reader new buyers for their reading revolution that membership was not the heart to be justified. Book have stolen a march on the price of Kindle with the Sony Reader Digitalthe right Christmas gift of $ 200 has started to clean up the market for digital eBook Reader.

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