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Rumors guess the next chapter of projects e-Reader

eBook devices will marry the final approach to the language with the old technology of modern telecommunication. Right now, Amazon Kindle and Sony digital books.

You could soon by other market participants. The road and other sites and publications, reported that Barnes & Noble is working with the Sprint device manufacturer of an eBook Reader. The story says that the chain is in talks with Verizon, but the discussionsfinished. AT & T is also named as possible partners.

Barnes & Noble is the largest bookstore chain in the country, and that is approaching e-readers – both technically and economically – is critical. The chain has with Microsoft and Adobe Partner on a tablet, as has been limited at the beginning of the decade, but the question, and end a relationship. The fact that the company is ready for another point in the concept is not only the votes confirmed eReader, butFictionwise buy last month, an electronic library. This would be a source of content for the initiatives and distribution of electronic content.

Parallel to the activities of the publishing industry and the rise of wireless and cellular coverage to flexible displays fascinating science is progressing rapidly. End of January I had a look at activity in this area. flexible displays and e-readers are overlapping but not identical: It 's possible, a good useScreen for an e-reader. The coming of the screen can fold and rigid style dresses sewn pulled the old well that extends the field, though.

Earlier this month, the Associated Press he saw the options for the eBook by Verizon Wireless. The piece reports that Tony Lewis, the principle of non-telephone device for the wearer, said he was approached by five companies. The piece is a little 'vague claims, but said there are indicationsproduced a book that focuses on the types of text, Kindle can not emphasize how the university. Lewis would neither confirm nor deny whether Sony – does not have an option of wireless connectivity – is one of five companies.

Everything indicates that the Barnes & Noble is intensely interested in the field. Besides the fact that it only makes sense from Fictionwise and voices on the development of a device for use on the Sprint network to buy the company at the end of last month, a betaE-Reader is a free application for BlackBerry. This Computerworld story that the analysis of the benefits Enderle Group confirmed [http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&articleId=9130673&intsrc=news_ts_head] and IT Business Edge blogger Rob Enderle, that the use Smartphone eBook at best a stopgap measure because of limited screen size and high demand is based on the use of batteries.

Another player in the eBook ReaderSector could Rupert Murdock. T3 reports that News Corp. is to produce a device in the newspapers than books. Case raises the interesting question of readers, such as newspapers could save others e. The poor economy has accelerated the decline of the sector. Designing e-reader would have a converged solution that at least some version of traditional newspapers to survive. Plastic Logic said the design of the device will be released early nextYear. Plastic Logic announced an agreement with Media Reader and Detroit Partnership, the current Editor & Publisher story accurately identified as a "joint management agency, the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press.

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