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Kindle vs Sony Reader Daily Edition 2 – And the winner is?

The two dominant brands for Amazon Kindle eBook Reader 2 and the Sony Reader. The Sony Reader has a new digital reader eBook in direct competition with the Kindle 2, as the other two stack against each other this season?

Sony Reader 's-Various models of the Sony Reader now offers three different models of ebook readers – the paperback edition, DailyEdition, Pocket edition. The "Daily Edition" is the latest model in the near future and our pre-orders made at the time of writing this article.

Sony Reader and Kindle Screen Daily Edition 2-Both the Kindle and the Sony Reader uses two E-Ink technology that reflects light off the screen, so that the writing on the lens. The text can be changed on both devices to the desired size.

Sony Reader Touch-ScreenThe "Daily Edition" has a touch screen to manage and use. Some praise for the Kindle 2 The Kindle is equipped with two navigation buttons. You really need to know what is best! If you read, you might want to keep the reader in many different locations, yes? If a touch screen, it interfering? The keys have a solid approach to navigation for an eBook reader? Time to talk with voters.

WirelessFeatures / 3G if the reader Kindle Edition 2 and the wireless capabilities are offered every day. Thus, books and other publications in areas with wireless access to the order for the download. It should be noted that other models from Sony are not readers of this feature. You must connect to computers via USB and download on our website.

Both the new model from Sony and the Kindle 2 is 3G mobile phone for those times when you can not get access to wireless.Otherwise, it will hook into the system, EDGE or GPRS is not on the 3G download.

Sony to issue banknotes is equipped with a pin and lower book every day, taking notes, almost like a real book.

The international capabilities of Amazon Kindle 2 is available in over 100 countries, while Sony Reader Daily Edition does not offer international service. This could be an important stage in the competitionfor the Kindle 2

Finally, the prices it comes to prices. The daily circulation is currently priced at $ 399.99, while the Kindle 2 is priced at $ 259.00.

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