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Kindle vs. Sony Ebook Reader Reviews

It 'been a lot of buzz lately about the new e-book reader Amazon's brand items. readers were more popular than e-book, which launched by Sony.

The price difference

A major difference between the open-book reader Kindle and Sony is really great and the price difference. There are huge differences with the $ 100 and the Sony Reader is priced at $ 300 Kindle with a price of 400 while the Sony Reader is a promiseFreebie features such as PDF files free show, no Internet connection needed to ensure open access to blogs and RSS feeds, and even a memory card, the welcome kit, the Sony Reader is certainly very summits A. However, Kindle is not far behind, what with the ability to track more than 200 and an SD card slot that contains it. However, you need $ 1 for each blog and RSS feed to be paid by a little 'expensive.

L 'Format

While the Sony Reader for free from the PDF file open, free, the Kindle has a fee of 10 cents for every PDF file that you want to synchronize your device. Kindle also tend to read the HTML format of the map, text and images on SD is nothing good with DOC, RTF and PDF. But then read the Sony Reader is not DOC format directly.

E-Ink technology

As for the LCD monitor 6 is on the Kindle, the displayE-Ink uses the revolutionary technology for the film "Vizplex" on the surface. But the Sony Reader and Kindle both have the same technology. The advantage of this technology is that 40% of the incident light is deflected and instead of light from the two devices for the eyes makes it pleasant to hold.


No need to print documents Kindle allows portability that every movement of all personal documents at any time and from anywhereeliminating the need for printing. The proportion of 10 cents will be paid for the wireless transmission of Word documents. However, if you can not be used to transfer tax free to pay. COM file or an installation, "the need to" name @ free. For ignition. Where is the ID e-mail address e. When used for Kindle So if e-mail ID Kindle Kindle smith @ il. Com Free tools should be and the '@ Smith. Kindling. comThe file is converted and assigned to the account on Amazon.

Battery life

The Amazon Kindle is by far the best choice when it comes to battery life. You can stretch four long days to go at a speed without the need for Kindle. This is also good coverage in many areas of portability is good. Turning the pages is like the touch of a button, Kindle means that even if you read the e-book on how themuch lighter than the Sony Reader.

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