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To publish your e-book for Amazon Kindle

He wrote a book. Congratulations! So now what? time, right?

An eBook is the way to go, especially if you are looking for an inexpensive way to try to get your work out there. Unlike conventional paper and ink publishing, ebooks cost nothing to distribute, and there are few costs involved in setting up a sale and listed with the ebook in the popular market town. The Amazon Kindle is the most important market, we focus on, but you can do whenIt can happen anywhere.

Let's take a look at initiatives to publish your eBook:

1. Make sure that your book is as good as he can

If you and your mother the only ones who have read your book, we have to do some 'sight to look out. Ideally, these eyes belong to writers / editors (not only people who knock critical for you and your shoulder).

For some people, hiring a professional editor makes more sense. This can be aexpensive, especially if an epic fantasy novel by Robert Jordan and JRR Tolkien wrote as rivals. The more pages you have, the costs to make.

A less expensive means an option (read free) is a group to join in critical writing. Criticize / correct other people's work, and they do the same for you. More time, but you become what you love to be surprised to learn how to criticize others.

Once you have a professional Manuscript, you are ready for the next step.

2. You have an e-Book Cover Design

professional reporting is a top priority if it is sold with the hope that all copies of your eBook. No matter how sparkling your letter, people do not give him the chance to see an amateur. Oh, we have sent the books by their covers!

If you have an artist or know someone who is, you probably need someone who rents to create a cover. The AmazonAs> the cards have a Kindle place) (there are many ebook authors hang out there, I'm happy to recommend and design.

3. Law ebook format

Format of an ebook is not rocket science, but something that can be treated quite easily. And a badly formatted ebook to get poor ratings.

An easy way to do make someone the right to rent regularly, but you can easily read as I do. If you publishYour eBook for the Kindle, Amazon suggests books to load the file in HTML format. may be many forums and help files, the search for communication section of their website.

4. Publish!

Yes, I waited for the party. Go to https: /. Amazon DTP. / Com and you make an account. All you have to do is upload your book (there's a preview of the course, as you can see, what will the Kindle), album of his writing a book downloadBlurb entice the reader to buy and choose a prize.

At the time of this writing, the price can be as low as 99 cents, but you will only earn royalties of 35% if your eBook is less than $ 2.99. If you price your eBook at $ 2.99 or more, you can check the quality of a fee of 70%. Not bad!

Less expensive books tend to sell more (especially from an author who is not a resident), but the smaller royalty-free to disable. You can always change the price and play a little 'to see "laterwhat is best for you.

Good luck!

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