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Choosing the Best Ebook Reader

Before you decide, what is the best ebook reader think about what you want. Wireless connectivity is a must? What size you want to support you? How much money are you willing to spend? Read the plan are mainly books, or interested, subscribe to electronic journals as well? After a general idea of what you want to see as they see fit, as well as the ebook reader and two, 2 of the Amazon Kindle and the Sony PRS-700.

If youwireless networking, you want the Kindle. E 'in a network called Whispernet uses Sprint to buy and download books are accepted everywhere. If Whispernet is a lot of international travel, but probably can not be used. The Sony Reader does not have a wireless option, so you connect to your computer if you want to download something.

Storage space is decent in both. The Kindle 2 is equipped with 2 GB of memory. This is1,500 books. The Sony PRS-700 has a smaller memory, but still about 350 pounds. Each weighs about 10 grams and are about $ 350.

The technology is to use this reader E-Ink e-book. Unlike a computer screen, your eyes are tired. It 's like reading a book printed on paper.

Both the Sony PRS 700 and Kindle 2 has thousands of books, you can buy. With Kindle, you can buy "on Amazon and find many new releases. L 'The prices of the new version is usually move in the $ 10. See, however, that some books are more expensive than the print edition. The Library Sony has similar prices on new releases, but a better deal when it comes to classics. You have to work with Google to offer more than 500,000 public domain books for free. So if you're a fan of anything written before 1928, you have a lot to read at no cost to the PRS-700.

One advantage that Sony has about Amazon is thatE 'can convert PDF files without the display. So if you have many files on your computer that you want to read, you must go with the PRS-700, or the conversion will appear in the second Kindle

Or was it a good choice if you're reading, but hate carrying books around love. The best eBook Reader is the best meets your needs.

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