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Amazon Kindle vs. Sony PRS 505 2

Specifications: One might ask why we are not comparing the Kindle with the new Sony PRS 700th Although the latest version with many new features, the screen of the PRS-just not as good as the Sony PRS-505 700. Since the most important factor of a digital music player, good readability, I personally much prefer the 505 and think that there are 2 remains a good competitor for the new Kindle. To put it bluntly, the Kindle 2 is a powerful tool than that of SonyPRS 505, in terms of battery life, memory, etc. But in terms of simplicity, cost and ease of use, its predecessor, Sony has a lot to offer. Amazon's model currently costs about $ 90 more than the model of others.

To start, both players have the same type of screen with a resolution of 800 x 600 and 4-bit (16 gray levels) are supported in color. Amazon's model has an internal memory of 2 GB, while the Sony has only 128 MB. On the positive side, the model supports SD cards and Sony Memory StickDuo cards. The Kindle 2 is the battery life even better, you can take, two weeks on a single charge.

Design: I personally prefer the Sony PRS 505 is on the Kindle 2, the age model is white with rounded corners and round heads. The 505 is added in a serious budget and design is available in silver and black. I thought the Kindle seems a little 'like a toy. Both models are about the same weight andSize.

Features and Benefits: There is no doubt that the model of Sony Kindle 2 has many more features than that. In terms of readability, but I personally think that the PRS 505 is readable as the Amazon model. It seems a better contrast and can be read easily, even in bright sunlight. The Kindle 2 on the screen and not in full light.

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