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Amazon Kindle How-To Series – Five interesting things that you can to your Kindle 2

After the device had a nice time to spend with the new Amazon Kindle 2 hours start to estimate the size of the experience that comes with reading. If you have 2 you get a chance to experience some e-book download Kindle've enjoyed an advantage from the book's great to hear audio. But your Kindle 2 is capable of much more! Here are five cool things you can use the Amazon Kindle 2:

CoolCapacity # 1) – Book Mail to spend a lazy afternoon reading an e-mail about the e-book reader Kindle 2 new and proposed the idea – "e-mail when I heard my no! My daughter said" now usually means that the computer does not read on the Kindle, and share e-mail mail mail mail account. But if you have a Gmail account, you can read and reply to emails directly to your Kindle!

Log on to the Kindle built bybasic web-browser (Home> Menu> Experimental> Basic Web). Next, make sure Kindle browser Javascript Javascript) for your (Browser Menu> Address Book Turn Gmail> -. Finally, the Internet address of Gmail (Menu> Browser> Insert '> URL Go and see below) reflecting the name username and password.

IMPORTANT – the default URL to Google and Gmail will be made available for the folder URL in the default bookmarks Kindle. If you try to accessThe Kindle is provided URL in the Google mail is required to load Gmail from Google. Applications can not be loaded onto a surface of Kindle – can account, you have the Web address in your mail with Google.

Cool Capability # 2) – If you are a Twitter user? If you want to send new Kindle Kindle "tweet" for the fans and the great book to read on your friends, you can directly. The popularMicro-blogging service offers a mobile version that works great on the Kindle.

Go to your web browser Kindle), which in the base (Home> Menu> Experimental> Basic Web. Next, make sure your browser is Javascript Javascript Kindle) by M (> Settings> Browser menu to activate. Finally a URL Twitter Go Mobile (Browser> Menu>> Log [URL http://www.%5D. Twitter. com), type the user name and password.

IMPORTANT -Twitter is the most complex default URL to be displayed correctly a Kindle. Use the URL above to get the best results on the Kindle.

Cool Capability # 3) – Have you ever wanted to "save" always on one side, to say he was with a friend? The Kindle is equipped with two different ways of doing things. The first way is to take a screenshot of the page you want to share. To take a screenshot press the buttons and press the "G". You will notice that the screen is the Kindle"Flash" shows that the Kindle has created the image of the screen.

The screenshots are for a Kindle Kindle Documents "folder in a file with A. gif image. You can get the Kindle to your computer via the USB cable to your computer. Open My Computer and see the symbol for the unity Kindle. Please Double-click to open the Kindle, and then double-click the My Documents folder. "Search for files with the extensionwith. gif and see screenshots have just done.

To share with your friends you can save the file to your computer and then connect to an e-mail. You can also screen shots in a graphics program such as Paint in Windows or Windows for the printing of Internet Explorer. The quality is not great – but it is certainly acceptable for the exchange of different parts.

Cool Capability # 4) – Is there another way to capture and share steps Kindle e-book.If there is evidence of Kindle e-book Kindle notes and pass them stored in a file in the My Documents folder Clippings.txt. Notepad, you can open this file with a program like Windows, and copy the shows to another program or store parts.

To do this, go to step let you know. Move the cursor to the beginning of the Kindle would like to save, and click the scroll key. Now move the cursor to the end of the passageto save and press the button again, all text is highlighted. This saves the selected text in "My Clippings.txt" file.

Attach the Kindle to your computer and then search for the Kindle in "My Computer". Double-click on the Kindle, double-click the My Documents folder. Locate the "My Clippings.txt" file and double click to open the editor for Windows. Discover the highlighted text on the Kindle.At the end of the file. You can edit the text and paste it into a program like Microsoft Word to save it. Or you can copy and paste the text into an e-mail message.

Cool Capability # 5) – So far we have talked about the text – now we're talking about graphics. If you have not noticed, 2 offers the possibility to increase the graphics Kindle so you can really see! To do this simply move the mouse pointer over the image and turns into a magnifying glass. Print Kindle Navigator key and enlarge the image so it fills the screen of the Kindle s.

This is very useful when reading books with technical graphics or screenshots. The Kindle 2 is sufficient to read the screen, better graphics quality, it was worth it, as the review of the books. To return to the home page, press the button or key.

Congratulations! They know now about five cool things you can do for your> You can Google with the Kindle 2, Kindle 2, and check your e-mail sent to the screens "tweets" with Twitter to capture and save, save and share songs from sharing Kindle e-book and take the picture and multi- Kindle book using the Zoom "function."

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