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a children's book by Kindle – read your review of Sketch, the cat a dog Thought

"Sketch, the cat, which he thought was a dog!" is exclusive to the Kindle for Christmas. downloaded and 'and was ready within a couple of minutes, which is a good thing, it was because my children and their two friends all over the back seat and the bumper to bumper on the freeway, we were a step ahead, we read jump.

I have my Kindle back to them is a dog "with the children's book" Sketch, the cat, and believe it was like magic, it was quietand began to read. (I can not say that I prefer!)

I noticed in the rearview mirror, but the story takes care immediately. No wonder, "Sketch, the cat was a dog" has a nice opening. This is the first paragraph:

"Ever since I could remember, he had lived to paint dogs. There were three of them and was the fourth design. Once he had to bark like his brothers, but I heard a strange, high noteout, and everyone looked at him. E 'was really embarrassing. After this time, he had always thought that there is something wrong with him, although his brothers treated him well, as one of them. "

If everything has been read, I put my favorite chair with my new Kindle and read it in a cup of tea "Sketch, the cat was a dog."

It 's time on Saturday morning, we had breakfast and all I can say I really, really like this book a child. No, this is not true- I like it. little sketch is adorable, he's a cat who has always lived with dogs, and has never known anything else. And this guy is the heart of the book to be different and we know that there is nothing wrong with that, in fact, it teaches children that it's nice to be different.

Look at history. The adventures of a forest cat and dogs early, and take the three dogs, keeps the family sketch. He always cared about him and accepted the fact that he is not a dog. WeKrypto the first session, the boxer dog muscle, since the design of the dog, when he was a kitten. "Even from his bowl to eat …. The water drunk together every morning, too." How sweet is that?

So we of course take a giant, gray-hybrid of the most intelligent of the three, and helps to plan their real strengths .. He is a dog that lived on the streets outside, so he always knows where to find good food (like pizza). You can only bring the noseWay.

The third is a great labrador with "skin the color of the sun," as one writer puts hrozen Gabriel. Turn on the electronics of the popular children's book and learn quickly that the main character of the book sketches a little, wondering why he started so different from his three older brothers. He can not scream or growl, no matter how he tries. But the problem is not, of course, know that little squirt who has a cat.

Sketch is a sad fact that many, until he learns thatHe can climb trees, she loves to do. And by the way he discovered the sharp claws on their feet and concealed information by extending a paw to them only when they need it, can not do something his brothers.

Then one day he meets Mr. Baum, and are proving to be a very interesting meeting. Here is the excerpt:

The sun was warm on her face. He closed his eyes are slowly improving. He meowed and stretched and scratched his claws on the bark at him. With aSuddenly a voice came out of the wind around him!

"Ha-ha-ha, that tickles!" said the voice.

Sketch looked around, "Who are you?"

"Why are you so surprised?" the voice said, "could not know the trees?"

Sketch do not know what to say, so that he only listened. The voice moves like leaves in the wind. "My name is Mr Baum what your friends?"

And this book unfolds like a nice guy starts, sketch, learn more about themselves. Help with Mr. Tree isactually meet for the first time (He looks in his bowl and notices her reflection in the water.) Draw Then you know, is very different from his brothers. It 's the wise Mr. Baum and the older dog, Course, the importance of different design and focus on their strengths to help others to see.

So, after the proof of this book in a real world highway with 4 children, and then read with a cup of tea, I'd say this guy is a useful bookLibrary Kindle parents. In addition to the Kindle is the easiest way for your child to read – anywhere, anytime.

About the story itself, the reasons are interesting and well designed. The main character, a little squirt, he encounters a problem that many children face: to be different, not fitting in, making it easy to identify. And teaching is a valuable thing to know all the children that everyone is unique, with its,or her strengths and talents. This is what we need to focus.

Therefore, I recommend that the children know well be on different "sketch, the cat was a dog" to a focus on children and their children, this book is. One of the most popular children's books this year.

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