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Want the best portable book reader? Try the new $ 139 Kindle

This is the new Kindle book reader, the best laptop? The answer is definitely yes! You can use a smaller, lighter, faster, smaller, longer-book reader battery life that price limits should be kept well with an excellent price. They may be a bargain!

The new Kindle is easy to hold and read, fits perfectly into my hands. I like to read anywhere and for a long time, so great and the applicability of any event, my thoughts. The Kindle is lighter than most paperbacks and thinner than a magazine. It 's so easy to handle and compact that I read with one hand, and will never be like my laptop is hot. I can sit comfortably with my Kindle, and not instead of hours. Do you really read all of the players so that they do for a long time to read with one hand, and wherever the chair on the beach by train or similar preferred.

Why do I feel the new Kindle is the best book laptopReader>?

The Kindle is the extent of 21% smaller than 7.5 by 4.8 by 0.3 inches, but has the same viewing angle of 6 inches.
The Kindle is 17% lighter and weighs 8.5 ounces 1 / 3 of an inch thick.
The battery life can be for a month with the latest wireless without recharging. If you can keep the wireless only three weeks on a single charge.
It has a soft touch, textured back that is easy to hold and never warm in your hands.
Keys to turn the page on both sides, turning, soSides with one hand and without any change in the situation.
The new sleek design allows for easy reading and portability for commuters!

"What is clear, however, that if you are looking) for a standalone e-reader (such as a laptop to replace printed books, this device is the go-to, the definition of standards." – Engadget

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