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Amazon Kindle

I'm not here for a product, but I must say that I like the Kindle. My friend gave me a Kindle for my birthday, I thought it was pretty useless until I started with it. I was very skeptical when I think of this new device has just received a gadget. I thought I would feel comfortable for him and a couple of things, and tell him how great he was. I am addicted to my Kindle and I like it.

The Kindle for those of you who do not know isan electronic book can be downloaded wirelessly, wireless books, magazines, blogs, newspapers, etc., at any time, anywhere. It's small, fast and convenient. If you download an item that is almost instantaneous.

The interesting thing is that everything I had, because it is cheaper than the library and the news or have not downloaded. You do not pay for mobile operators with the equipment and / or purchases included. I like to bring "Wall Street Journal, USA Today, or Financial Times, on occasion, but I never accepted it, why not read them every day, the Kindle can only download one, if I want one.

I must say, I read a lot faster on the Kindle, so good. It must be because of the nature or size, but I promise that I read much faster.

If you do what I always like Amazon, books, and press your profile, the profile in the form. L '> Kindle, you can even see and then say that they are interested in white, which is again very easily.

I wanted to say something, because I really believe that, as I wanted. I'm not a gadget person, and I doubt I ever bought.

I am sure that access to more books with the Kindle, but so far everything I've done tons of reading. If someone has a Kindle, and I know what you can do it or not, withThis allowed me to hear from you. I'm pretty sure that surfing the Web and e-mail from this unit as well, but I do not know how.

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