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eBook reader new B & N Nook Wireless Portable Reader Amazon will

Nook The new wireless portable reader that is sold Barnes and Noble, the largest library in the world, with over 1,300 branches are to collide with eBook-selling Kindle2 world the best that the reader

Although not in the shops but balk Nook Amazon us next spring, adding directly to a market that is dominated by the first of the Amazon Kindle. From the beginning, he, first as the Kindle and then later, in FebruaryKindle2 2009, as recently on the market of technology for reading eBooks and offers a combination of revolutionary, through them, the prices of securities Instant wireless networks to connect anywhere and the largest selection of available downloads Fantastic, cheaper than the High Street.

The customer can approach this in a great success, and it is only recently that the rest of the industry enabled the future purchase of the fact that this book is. Thus, in the pastMonths, we have an announcement by Sony of their desire, a part of the fun was to be with her soon to be released (in early December, the final rule) is the daily edition and the latest press release from Barnes & Noble, their The candidate is Nook, in the second half of the first shipment in November.

There is no doubt that the Kindle2 the device after all they are. And to be honest, it's gratifying to see a little 'competition in this industry. Yes, we had theiRex iLiad, but it was a little 'big KindleDX on a portable device to read, ideal for use with a whole A4 game 1-1, but is similar to – yet another wireless e-book reader – not something you want to include on holiday, or put your hand or pocket for that matter, and had never been engaged in price competition?

So now we have two great companies willing to go head to head with the force of the Amazon, on all fronts. Sony has recently increasedthe size of the library at the Sony store, and if the price of their securities delivered in digital format, so that the Amazon B & N and, hopefully, they were always reduced in the same ballpark price, then play for the title track as well.

But using the biggest news for consumers, the shift from proprietary format from Sony in the early days and still used by the Kindle is now used. To explain the situation, I use Amazon as an example, the communication is still the casewith the Kindle so it makes clearer.

With proprietary formats to consider when buying a book for digital download from Amazon file formats in their own right. AZW which allows only reading on the Kindle. If you wanted to future book so decided to replace another player useless, a library of electronic books, vol. Make your mind when it is right or not.

The scenario is a serious obstacle for the industry in general, but alsofor producers of other eBook reader in particular. I never managed, the number of titles offer Amazon, where the order and distribution of the Kindle to be helped. And provide support for other file formats, including Adobe PDF, a popular format for electronic books is free, but this format does not play a shortened version of the text, and should always play the text in A4 format, ideal for DX and the Iliad reader, but not so forThe smallest is the 5.6 and 7 inch screens.

And so came the EPUB standard, an open source format designed to display text. Is fast becoming the format of the future and has the support of the likes of Google Library, the declaration of the whole million shares, of which more than download for free, in this format. Barnes & Noble store is the same as Sony.

So you can see that the reader of the book, which supports theFormats are the future. B & N Nook wireless, portable reading devices. Epub support, as well as Sony's Daily Edition, and you can select the eBook Reader from anywhere and pay them for free, or not only the manufacturer of the eBook that is the case of Portable Reader Kindle.

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