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When you buy an eBook reader?

The books were in the area in its current form for a very long time and that up to now are resistant to technological change. The basic concept of the book is very similar to today's 100 years. But now it seems that technology may at last a better format for the written word to enjoy – or not?

A simple idea, in principle, electronic reading devices, or an eBook reader, as they are commonly known, offer the ability to storeentire collection of books in a package smaller than a typical paperback, and read the installation and enjoy books anytime and anywhere.

How do they work?
book reader format to store e-books in digital, just like a computer store written documents and use a microprocessor to control the LCD display text des user can scroll the text, page after page, bookmark digital, the size offull text search of unknown words using a built-in dictionary, and even listen to music with the integrated MP3 player.

I thought it might be the reason why-book reader in a realistic proposal now is the growth of display technology? Who is the first time that a monitor can testify that you read the text, take a little 'will be a bit'. " With the new bread of E-Book Reader is the text addressed by giving the use of electronic ink technology, whichan appearance on the screen, similar to traditional paper.

Another advantage is that many e-book readers were low backlight that allows you to read comfortably when the values of light – something that is obviously very difficult with the traditional book.

Book titles can be purchased online and downloaded via PC immediately. The Kindle book reader, developed by Amazon, allows you to download electronic books and electronicVersions of newspapers wirelessly from anywhere in an instant. This means an end to queues in the book in bookstores or waiting for his place.

So what is wrong?
Of course, people are e-books are not for everyone and some people still prefer the feel of a traditional book with the possibility of creating a traditional collection. Another advantage is, of course, that traditional books do not need batteries, and if you accidentallyHis latest novel, John Gresham train, not a big problem, since the loss of an expensive electronic device?

Moreover, as with most new technologies, there are several formats available, it is not easy to predict that dominate the market. Some e-book readers are fully compatible with Word and PDF documents, while others use their own unique formats. This could be important because some wrong device a serious failure in its power to youTitle in the future?

All in all, it's hard not to appreciate the book readers in the services offered electronically. More and more titles released every day, and the advent of digital journal subscriptions to only a strong selling point, especially since some publishers are considering the entries to decide off-book reader and for its subscribers in the future?

What to see?
If you decide that youwants to buy an eBook reader then here are some points to consider:

Screen Size – medium screen size from 6 "to a tendency to be more reasonable to show to the screen but. Some units are generally larger sizes available, but pleasing to some, twice to consider," buy books and the reader uncomfortable. a smaller can be cheaper after a while ', read and watch the number of gray levels used in the display – the higher the number -best print quality.

Battery life – typically measured in page turns and tends to be very good. Overall, book reader low power consumption when the backlight used all the time.

Memory capacity – this can be very different and has a value far from like-for-like. Some machines offer additional storage capacity through the use of SD memory cards (as in digital cameras) may be worth considering one?

SupportedFormat – another area where there may be differences – in the ideal case, a player that supports most popular formats – if not directly, then some form of the conversion plant.

EBook is only as often as expected remains to be seen, but that is the reading of these devices, the freedom they enjoy the benefits. Electronic books may be the future of reading the written word?

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