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Buy a Kindle – Full Review

In order to purchase a Kindle, friends, family or loved? The Kindle is a true high-tech gadgets, even though technically challenged. makes the product's functionality, usability and overall design is a "Gotta Have" for 2008 and beyond.

Do not be fooled by the size of that! The Kindle is 7.5 "x 5.3" x 0.7 "and weighs only 10.3 ounces. The compact design allows easy storage in a single bag, purse or backpack. The device is, if everytravel books without any problem. It stores more than 200 electronic books directly from the factory with a small investment of a digital map (2 MB) was able to double that number.

The Kindle is portable loaded with the latest technology, but one third of its "size. He works, scans and download wirelessly to a 3G (mobile phone network is the same with). What makes the USB cable and annoying a frantic search for Wi-Fi hot spot available. The real beauty isinvolved no contract or monthly cost of wireless capabilities. You can browse, search, read, shop, and download cover practically any place that has the cell phone service! You can search for Wiki (in practice as an Internet site), read blogs, use the built-in dictionary to view Microsoft documents download books, magazines, newspapers and audio books all the time in motion. There are currently more than 190,000 downloads, the time of this article. You can samplethe ebook for free before you buy. What a bonus!

The sophisticated design of the Kindle has many advantages. The high resolution screen as "electronic paper" is strikingly similar to a newspaper or a book of paper-paged. The text size can easily lead to tired eyes and there are virtually no anti-glare screen to fight with them. The sunlight Kindle preform surprisingly well live, and catching rays by the pool. The Kindle can be operated by handand the QWERTY keyboard you can type faster from both left and right. The ergonomic keyboard sophisticated ability to browse and thumb on the side that is quick and easy to do. The battery can be fully recharged in two hours and five to 56 hours.

Here are some tips for longer battery life:

1. Turn off the unit when not in use, rather than continue to sleep well

2. Just turn the wireless functionality is enabled during the downloadSearch or shopping online. This allows a much better battery life

I would recommend all users to buy and extra battery if you buy a Kindle. They are very cheap and worth it!

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