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to review the sale of Amazon Kindle DX – Generation 3 Ebook Reader for paperless society

This manual is one of the Amazon Kindle right for the sale of a review. Kindle revolutionized the concept of reading and the 3rd generation eBook Reader, DX is a step toward the paperless society. This edition was again surpassed its competitors, and it seems that no matter how promising.

But what are the main feature updates?

Watching the function keys for easy navigation, joystick, etc. Kindle2 DX-like characteristics,only this time the navigation buttons on the right. Their concern about the lack of navigation on the left can be confident, calm, because it is partial. Just browse a range of 180 degrees, the display automatically rotates with it, like the iPhone, a left-hander has become one. We recommend you leave a free hand to others. I have the habit of reading while lying on my bed a lot of time. Now it is much easierread from any orientation from vertical to horizontal and vice versa in an instant.

The feature is interesting, is the ability to read PDF files only ultra, regardless of file size or the complexity of the graphics. Well, even if severe pdf, PowerPoint, CorelDraw, convert, or simply a good read, with minimal load times as a PC, but in S / W. multiple columns or a single, detailed images and graphics that makes everything perfect. This was a really greatHitch with K2. The larger display makes with the rotation function coupled smart more convenient to use. So you have to consider what, if the load pressure on the eyes than the default font size and purple. Yes, we are not satisfied with the zoom function you want, but to change the font size is not a problem.

The DX is a bit 'more' heavy last time, but does not change the ergonomics and the reading experience in any way. In reality, I say, is now the feelingsomething more like a hard bound book. The pre-release photos on the Internet made it seem bigger than it really is, but in reality the total size of the DX is designed for mobile reading. The digital E-Ink is definitely sharper on the new mobile device.

Newspapers and magazines, after all the productions of the press, many tables, which tend to be less comfortable to read in the last eBook Reader. With DX, go to the screen size thank you like no other. L 'The first impression is almost like looking for water in an oasis. Seriously, it's like a big breather.

Both the Kindle DX and two are excellent value for money. And if the books, the contents of the Amazon to read the papers, love and the desire to read pdf with large letters that you have paid in any case the new version. For my needs, I really like this every day.

DX Specifications at a glance
The Whispernet still rock solid. No need for hunting access.
WebSurfing is free. The browser will display a capacity that is rich in visual detail. It can be really handy when you need it. as the search location on Google Maps, weather, and only access information from anywhere.
Internal storage capacity of 3,500 books, documents and magazines.
Auto-rotation screen
Great "display with 16 gray levels 9.7
Built-in PDF ReaderHuge access to 390,000 books, newspapers, magazines and blogs, Best Sellers, New York TimesNew releases etc.
Amazing thin. Only 1 / 3 of an inch like a real magazine
Fast download directory in 60 seconds.
And what is not? The DX is absolutely a great Kindle E-Reader. The perfect travel companion. You do not get with Amazon in early enough color.

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