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How to sell Kindle books – Tips and advice

Have you ever wondered how you sell Kindle books? What if you need some books and the Kindle will sell one or two? Then read this article on the sale of a book in Kindle format, as he explains how to sell them!

In this article, for the documents that you did in the Kindle e-book, and once it ends, you can learn to be sold on the Kindle store on Amazon, to do without an ISBN. The authors are now able to take, while able to find a sponsormore money, or are the publishers themselves, things like people to upload a free account with Amazon platform support, and whose authority is this possible with the Kindle. Then there are the instructions:

1. Go online and then go to the official website of Amazon Digital Text Platform. You may need to create an account (if you do not already have one). When you register, you must give them your account informatione-mail address and your home / physical address (or unspecified). Amazon has also effectively so that their customers a sample of your work, is a free.

2. Log in to your Dashboard and click on "Add new item" tab under "My Shell". Once there, start running your order. You must specify the name you give the details of the book, as the volume of a series (if you publish the book series is part of one), andYou can submit the first page with a graphic description of the book is full of words together.

3. Go to the next screen after you save the file and then up) can be sent, where upload and preview the book from your computer (only if you notice, the screen is at this stage indicates that the book is published and is still alive. Save your work.

4. Pricing. This is almostAmazon is required only to read the offer price of others, that in fact in line with the selling price of the book. The price is determined by your book in live mode with one click. Please note that your book can be accessed 48 hours until the Kindle Store. Add a link to the book in Kindle Store on your blog, website or forum your signature would be a good idea.

Note thatDocument, the mail has to do with a cover published under the title, name, address, e-mail and E. They also have a copyright notice somewhere. I would like to grayscale or a good idea to change the graphics in the book, Kindle, Kindle.

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