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Amazon Kindle wins Apple iPad – Best Ebook Reader Review

It seems more and more consumers choose to buy more as the color iPad for Amazon Kindle. Although Apple has developed thousands of applications Kindle for its new drug, on top of the list of players, if he is the best for my book.

Recent studies have shown that the majority of consumers still prefer the Amazon Kindle Apple iPad. But many people also cited an undeniable iPad "is moreAppeal "for his ability to multi-tasking. The studies were carried out by the News page and answer questions about the best eBook reader on the market these days for a total of 1,000 respondents in the United Kingdom and the United States.

This is actually the start of production of Ebook. Amazon Kindle specialist has established a strong position as an eBook reader. The new Kindle is lighter and cheaper than the iPad quite explain why 60% of respondentsabove the iPad as an E-Reader. Apple iPad Amazon platform is definitely a good and challenging and you need to play many functions as the years have iPad shortly after the start of this.

The new Kindle looks exactly like its predecessor in many ways. Its 6 inch screen has a higher refresh rate and high contrast ratio. The new model is also very light and a rear wheel, which is very convenient as it is to make yourhand.

Amazon Kindle is known for best-selling gadget on your website. To expand the availability of the new Kindle, the company also decided to shops that sell the American model of more than a thousand in the north.

For the money, the Kindle is definitely the best Ebook reader is.

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