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The Sony PRS-700BC E-Book Reader

Among the many competitors, Amazon Kindle, the pioneering e-book reader on the market, Sony has always been a tremendous force that Amazon a leading role in good run for their money. The Sony PRS-700 BC is the latest e-book reader in the Sony range. Its predecessor, the Sony PRS-505 has a great success and for this reason there is a great expectation for the new model. Here's a quick look at the latest offering from Sony.

One of the biggest improvements in thisnew model is the new touch-screen. Readers can now use the pages of his finger on the "6 on the screen, similar to how it would be on an iPod touch or iPhone. The touch screen allows a multitude of new functions are carried out on the screen, eliminating the need for physical buttons on the outside envelope. In addition to the reduced number of keys, the design of the new Sony PRS-700 BC, much like the old model. It is also slightly thicker than the PRS-505.

One of the major flaws is theReadability of the new screen. Because of the new touch-screen, the screen of the new model is a little 'blurry at times. Compared to my old model, the 700 BC, appears on the screen to be of poor visibility. However, the book is still good enough to pull forward. The new model has an internal memory of better with 20 MB of disk space. If you need more memory, is the player with an SD card.

All in all, apart from slight improvements in the specificand storage, there is very little other than Sony Reader PRS-700 BC from other e-book. Compared to the new Amazon Kindle 2 and other-book reader, the Sony model is not good, both in terms of the price or functionality.

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