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Asus Eee-Reader – Amazing Color Dual Meets Design

The Asus Eee player market is expected to introduce readers a touch of color and a ton of changes in the email. Devices of the future for optimal reading experience, the range of readers, and inspire you. Learn how to Eee Reader is a modern spin on a traditional favorite, and the burden on students, businesses, and the media.

The Asus Eee color reader, netbook, PC, called for the Eee, evencreated by ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS), should be a color touch screen. Sales in 2010, probably in his debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, Asus Eee readers should color make a big jump in the market for e-readers. But its amazing color, in contrast to the norm and white Black is not the only bright spot in player Asus Eee -. The unit has allowed us to book the reader can enjoy anywhere at any time – surrounded by the beautiful color anddivine design in a modern device with maximum function.

Panel and the spine to articulate his double, innovative device reads like a book and looks like a book, but acts like a computer. Users should check the touch screen e-book from a "turn" the pages with the extension. For an affordable price, and all in all, the Asus Eee surprising addition to the eBook Reader reader market.

The layout of the player Eee is expected that more complexCompared with other leading e-reader. With its large LCD screen and slim form factor, the device 4 are rotated. The dual-action panel in widescreen format (ideal for video) without the function of a screen.

The two screens provide a flexible workspace in the user the size of the virtual keyboard and the touchpad is simply responding to their use. Students can read the reference material on a screen and surf the Internet with the additional panel. Social NetworkingMembers can update their navigation on a control panel as an e-book on the second screen.

Sporting a webcam and microphone, speakers, and users of Skype, Asus Eee Reader offers all the amenities. But this innovative player at a price. Asus plans to release two separate versions – a budget model and a premium device with additional functions. The budget for the E-Reader 165 is expected to sell dollarsUSA / 100 pounds lie, while the Premium model has a higher purchase price. Therefore, it can successfully compete with ER-COOL March eBook Reader is the 2009th What about the article, it was noted in the "COOL: intuitive or marketing fresh 'Blatant copying market was born, as the smallest and lightest and -reader on this, and also the cheapest and eight colors.

ASUS has exceeded the previous to their customers at reasonable prices for computers. Alreadylowest cost can be described as the world's "best e-reader" Asus Eee player touted as the next revolutionary device with the highest value for '. Curiously, Asus Eee Reader is part of the experience of merger with the prestigious, old-style reading. two screens, a unique feature of the Asus Eee his readers for ease of reading I feel like a modern e-book without the current "book".

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