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What is the best eBook reader?

eBook Reader is the wave of the future. No need to rush to the library, pick up a book and look through it. You can not miss this book, which side are you bookmarking and other things. Of course, if I can understand why people still love books, there are a lot of people are adopting this new technology.

There are a lot of great e-book reader on the market. Here are some of my favorites, and somemore widely available on the market today …

The Apple iPad
Amazon Kindle
Barnes and Noble Nook
Sony daily circulation
Kobo from Borders

How do I choose the best eBook reader?

Set a price – the first, do what I want, the price of a set. How much are you willing to spend to get the book. Prices range from $ 600 to $ 250 when you bought it, they alsoconvenient.

Sizes – an ebook reader should not weigh much such as laptops. You want something that has to do something simple and that is very comfortable to wear.

The indicator – If your vision is not the best thing in the world, you may find that you want a larger screen. Screen sizes ranging from 6 to 10 cm. The inch or so to see how much more confidence in methis.

The keyboard – Since you are going, and look for it and that type here, you want a real keyboard, or if you want a touch screen? In my opinion, I tend to, I want to use a physical keyboard. I've never been able to touch the screen as my fingers were too fat to be used!

Battery life – This is probably one of the most important. Do you want a battery that will last a long time. The last thing we want is that theHolidays and your Ebook dies.

Storage – The last thing to learn by heart on my list. The more memory you have, the more you will be able to read. Since I do not really want lots of space Ebooks will not need to 1000 gigabytes.

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