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The next generation of Kindle – smaller and faster, but is it necessary? My review!

It 'was a sure sign, you know, it really was. Everything I did was about the new Kindle, who had entered and I just noticed that was different. Was new.

What were the exact gifts that something new was happening, he can see:

• There was little
• The patient was placed on the front, which is much better
• There are new buttons
• There was a new color

The Kindle is easy to use once, smaller, and less than 9 hourssmallest or the lightest on the market – Kobo is lighter, while Barnes and Noble Nook is heavier, but the new Kindle is still about 15 percent or so lighter than its predecessor, the book has a lot in my. (Actually, the points of dual pricing for Wi-Fi, and versions 3G/Wi-Fi are honest with me and pointed out that the trading company Kindle – Amazon – to know how their prices are not 's version Wi-Fi version for $ 139 and $ 189 to 3G/Wi-Fi,is very reasonable, especially if) you look at the features of Kindle.

The design team of the Kindle has some really well with the new generation, as it feels much more balanced. E 'was also the designer not only has the capacity – has made upgrading a rate of 50 percent faster, so that things move more quickly, focusing on the average speed – but also manages his keys in so that the data returneasier and with the re-layout of the cursor keys are also closer, so that data entry is moved faster.

By the way, was the media designer, according to 20 percent the size of the Kindle, even though they continue to rubber makes it easier to style Backer. With the removal of the navigation keys, the designers have made a big step forward in terms of usability. They followed the step by reversing the activation Navigator, so as to press the keysaway from the announcement that it is easier to move.

Two other changes that I could use the Kindle in particular, the ability to change the font size and line spacing that I like. These changes have done something only a pleasure to use. Another change is the internal memory of 4 GB of memory, or save enough doubled to 3,500 books and is a web-based readers, which is nice to use.

The new Kindle, as you might expect, is compatible with all current AmazonOptions, and I must say that it is a really good job n the project, it is a hardtop!

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