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Corporate Business Gifts – Will e-readers, the Top Tech Gifts for Christmas?

E-readers, readers in the electronic design and wirelessly download digital books and read them on portable devices like a glorified Etch-a-. This is a little 'too much, but this handy little digital player has become very popular, according to a recent Time article, Amazon has already sold 1.7 million Kindle e-readers since it was introduced in 2007.

And under the same provision, the Association ofAmerican publishers of the total revenues from the digital state – a list of downloads increased by 149% this year, while 31-book reader sales in December and estimated million € for the first 3 can also be about 1 million of these devices will be sold this season, according to Forrester Research, and twice the projected revenues for 2010 of EUR 6,000,000.

"In 2009 a breakout year for e-readers," said Sarah Rotman Epps, an analyst at Forrester Research said. "But it's still earlyPhases. "

These numbers are very impressive and can on e-readers as "the" hot Christmas gift this season, at least, is where tech gadgets. Due to their nature and properties, applications and business gift-culture readers can make for excellent corporate culture, particularly when the flow Newsletter could mark the company's logo and your company and RSS feeds.

Then we have the recent introduction of Barnes & Noble Nookthat competition is Amazon Kindle. The Nook has a display of paper 6 inches, a 16-level grayscale that the media used for up to five characters. You can use it to read PDF files and stores more than 1 million books, newspapers and magazines in Barnes & Noble eBook Help The Nook is currently about $ 260.

How does it differ from the Kindle: Besides the color icons individually impressive cases of design and color back, has some nice NookFeatures like a virtual bookmark now called reading you can pick up where you left off reading corner, and use Wi-Fi radio, the customer's premises at 700 Barnes & Noble stores and 600 schools in 50 states. There is enough memory to 1,500 lbs (2 GB) to hold and there is a microSD slot, you can be an additional 16 GB.

But this season is a gift-buyer (or other businesses) have to choose more than in the Kindle E-Readerand the Nook. Where to make a profit, to be followed by other companies. As with Asustek invented the category of netbooks with its Eee PC in 2007, other laptop manufacturers and sellers immediately jumped on the moving train and the market was flooded with netbooks, or mini-notebook.

Trend of e-reader, this is no different, take for example the Sony, the trail led back to the electronic device in the first reading in 2004, three new devices forTime in his article. The Sony Reader is a Pocket Edition ($ 199) with a 5-inch format, Pocket Edition ($ 299), the ability of a touch screen and the Daily Edition ($ 399), W-LAN function.

Asus is also available on the market and the reader with a product called Eee player that Christmas should be for the market. Then there is the flep Fujitsu that is commercially available, the only e-reader, the color has aAd. It 'available in Japan and costs about $ 1,100. Ouch!

iRex Digital Reader modest consumers are no longer necessary for the United States are the stores this month, in October 2009. The DR800 is a 8.1-in. Touch screen and wireless connectivity for $ 90 less the same size DX Kindle, is still selling about $ 489. This is the price at the time of writing, they expect lower prices as competition heats up.

On the horizon aremany different versions of the e-reader, the market will be affected. There is also a model, the flip phone is like the opening and another called Polymer Vision Readius, which included one, but it has a flexible screen at the handset to make in addition to the curves.

We have the first coming of the legendary Apple iTablet Arena player may, therefore, a turning point in global electronics. It could also be a murderess or Kindle given Apple's huge NookPopular with tech-savvy consumers, the latest gadgets on the market do.

One wonders why all this very popularity of e-readers, especially since we have a small portable netbook on the market, easy to read books to use. More specifically, we have Tablet PC, which could easily be achieved through the reading of the function. Grants may be a little 'bigger, but also to offer all the functionality of a laptop, why not just convert / usethis device as an e-reader?

No matter, the e-Reader seems to be turned into gift Tech, a top this holiday season. The perfect gift for family, friends and employees … for the book to find out more fanatic in your family or company. E-readers are the perfect gift idea for those who are simply the latest gadgets and the latest technologies on the market.

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