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Benefits Kindle DX

DX is a revolutionary Kindle e-book reader with a storage capacity of over 3,000 e-books. Kindle 2.0 replaced it with new innovative features and is twice the size of the book reader-and age. This is an ideal material for students, teachers and all those who may be small for a portable, easy to use element investigated. It also provides access to 275,000 books online at Amazon.

Let me share with you the pros with a Kindle DXReaders.

Large display
Kindle is 2.5 times larger e-book reader to read old, which makes it a lot. The large 9.7-inch display with 16 gray levels make the image look sharper and clear.You not have to scroll up and down, and always able to read the full text. You can also enlarge the image to full screen for better viewing.

Auto Rotating Display
The display automatically rotates the screen automatically from horizontal to vertical and vice versa, depending on how the user holds.

Slim Size
Kindle DX format is extremely thin, almost the same size as most magazines. That does not mean that the capacity of 3,500 e-books. This is an ideal material in your travel kit contains, if you need to finish some work reading while traveling. The subtle aspect makes it very attractive.

Large memory
You can save up to £ 3,500> Kindle. 3G wireless network, you can download the books almost everywhere. You can have more than 60,000 audio book titles. You can publish content in just one minute to download.

You do not have to worry about conversion Kindle format of the original content in PDF format supports the.

good battery life
Battery life is amazing. You can use the same battery for about two weeks of use without recharging. You can alsobetween the player and the iPhone back and forth.

Overall Kindle DX is a great improvement over its predecessor and with a good innovative gadget designed to work with large documents e. DX Kindle books is clearly superior to the iPod and other electronic devices.

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