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Apple iPad Kindle vs DX

I know many of you ask "anyone to compare with Earth iPad Kindle DX on why" The truth is that from this comparison, if we consider a Kindle book reader ever. 'I was iPad was also revealed at the same time the public.

After the Apple iPad glace, I thought, looks like an e-book reader! After the discovery that the iPad the price starts at $ 499, I started to seriously consider myPurchase of the Kindle DX or any other e-book reader of the rest (by the way I like to say is that the 6-inch Kindle is great and all, but just a little 'too small for me). The Kindle currently DX in retailing at $ 489 per unit.

Both the Kindle and Apple iPad DX a 9.7-inch screen, but it's where the similarities end. IPad screen is a color touch screen, while the DX is not. The screen uses the DXelectronic ink technology, simulates the look of real paper.

At first glance it may seem that there is no way that the DX is to compare the new Apple product. IPad can not read e-books (e-magazines, newspapers, etc.) to navigate in color, but also via the Internet, listen to music and have access to all the Apple applications App Store. The Kindle DX On the other hand, it seems a good e-book reader age.

If you are looking for an e-bookReaders who can do a lot of other things, there is no doubt that Apple may buy iPad excellent. On the other hand, if you're a hardcore player, and I saw an e-book readers and, or books to read for sure, Amazon Kindle DX would be the perfect device for the purpose. Although I personally do not the ability nor the iPad I strongly suspect that there are still more comfortable reading on the Kindle for a long perioddue to the nature of screen time. The DX is also much more "portable" with very long battery life (up to 2 weeks on a charge).

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