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You need a 3G Kindle?

Everyone talks about the new 3G Amazon Kindle, if you have not met one does not occur soon, should mark the next step in the progression of eReader. Most of the people who love to read Kindle books with more than 670,000 titles, even out of print books, why should not you. And all the new Kindle, books are not limited, you can read the newspapers in blogs, magazines and all auto-delivered "on this little device at your fingertipsless than 60 seconds, at a price lower than what you have to pay in a bookstore.

Time can take time with you You Kindle. When you're planning to book a relaxing chair "reading" on the beach adjacent to wait. In addition, 's nice that 3G Kindle you can download and read books to the classic bestseller for more new books before anyone else.

I think the best thing is the third generation of Kindle, which is easy and requireslittle space, not like lugging around three or four books, you know. It will not be able to take your books in a small gadget is really cool!

Amazon takes a lot of problems from his predecessor in the Kindle with its new Kindle. Ranked among the first 3G-book reader Kindle is already being improved by this new category, as

• Improvement of the screen
• New and improved fonts
• New modern design
• LighterWeight
• Longer battery life
• More memory
• Books in 60 seconds to load
• Free 3G wireless integrated Wi-Fi (no contract, no fees)
Home • Quick Turn
• Enhanced PDF Reader
• New Web Kit-based browser

I think the new Kindle 3G is a must and the perfect gift for any occasion.

One last thing, if you're a fan of Consumer Reports, when I saw the best Kindle 3G products is recognized as one ofYear.

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