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DX vs Amazon Kindle Kindle 2 – Dimensions of two popular ebook reader

Since Amazon Kindle DX was before the beginning of May you have the Kindle and many owners have asked to wait for the device of "rejuvenation" has experienced one of the most popular. Are you the owner of a Kindle 2 in the light of an update or a fan of reading to your undecided, wonders what life would be a better way by far the most is not.

This comparison is your quick reference, that distinguish the new from the previous DXVersion.


The Kindle 2 is 6 "diagonal screen is obviously not a game for 9.7-inch screen rotates automatically DX. In addition to the 2.5 times higher than the previous view of the Kindle, the DX also has an auto rotate function that allows you to, read to change the device from portrait to landscape simply by turning the result, it is filled with the most appropriate gadget newspaper article, picture books or materials to provideMaps, charts and tables.

Product Dimensions

The Amazon Kindle DX measures 10.4 "x 7.2" x 0.38 "in size, while the Kindle 2 is, of course, much smaller than 8" x 5.3 "x 0.36". While both devices are as thin as a typical magazine to 0.3 cm depth from which the DX 18.9 oz oz scale compared to the Kindle 2 is 10.2. If you "Plan with your eBook Reader on the go, then the Kindle 2 is composed of more portable Device.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity is also an important factor to consider. The DX has a 4 GB internal memory – twice the capacity of 2 GB of Kindle 2 is an area of about 3,500 books and 1,500 pounds for the DX and the Kindle 2.

Built-in PDF support

Kindle 2, PDF files, read some "complaints, such as files, you must go through the process of e-mail to your> Amazon for conversion of files – a service that must be paid, but at a minimal cost. DX with the Kindle, PDF support is built, you can just take your PDF files to be downloaded directly to your device and read immediately. If you've read a lot of PDF files, the DX is the best option.


Here is breaking the real deal, or do both Kindle. The Kindle DX is a steep $ 489, while the price is still high Kindle 2$ 359. Even for the faithful readers, let the price of this ebook reader a huge hole in your pocket. However, students prefer behind their heavy textbooks and experts can generally work with PDF files, to find a way to justify the high price of DX.

DX vs Amazon Kindle Kindle 2 – closing thoughts

While the Kindle 2 still packs a punch for its price and features, the search of the finalThe joy of the DX is the best choice between the two devices. As I said, the price is always the decisive factor in the equation, to assess the costs against your needs and budget before the final decision.

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