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Amazon Kindle Reader – Our Review 2009

What do you like reading books, but they are bulky to carry around? The reader Amazon Kindle is the answer to this problem. It takes hundreds of pounds, it is easy to use and will still be light and comfortable. This player is ideal for avid readers, is an innovative product.

Amazon Kindle is a wireless device for reading, the pound has about 200 titles. But it can also be used to read newspapers, magazinesand blogs. E 'fully portable, because they did not need a computer. Now you can read anywhere and anytime without carrying heavy books!

Features-Works on your wireless network: Amazon with Sprint EVDO offers download and read if you have material in all sorts of places. This network is called Whispernet. Did not have a warm place with this discovery. Amazon also has the card, so you have to do any settings! TakeBox inside, and so on.

A video that shows how the document reads that the use of innovative technologies, has developed this high-resolution screen, such as electronic paper. This is easy to use as a newspaper to read, because she has a look of paper.

Ergonomic design: Kindle is designed to hold and easy to use too. It has control buttons on both sides of the screen, so feel equally comfortable in either hand it. E 'lighter than a paperback at 10.3 ounces is also ergonomically friendly.

Transport your book collection with just 10.3 ounces, Pocket Books more uniform weight distribution on the Kindle, no! There may be more than one hundred titles and the Kindle's built-in memory and an SD card to add even more memory and you can! Also, if you happen somewhere down the road, do not offer that Whispernet, you can download books to your computer. Then hook the Kindleover the USB cable from the computer and books.

A search of big: You can search for specific words or phrases in your library.

Easy access to the Kindle store, give the Kindle: Kindle, the device can be stored on. You can read wirelessly wishes to you in a shop a few minutes. It is only necessary for the author or title of your choice or you can search and find something new to read. In other words,Just click to buy and you are ready to read it.

Change font size: The Kindle offers a variety of text formats, you can easily use for your project.

QWERTY keyboard: allows you to fully use all the features of Kindle to your advantage. Kindle Store shopping with the comment text with the dictionary, just to name a few.
These are just some of the features are gone.

The undeniable advantage of this product is itsPortability and storage!

In my opinion this is one of the most innovative products for readers who have come along in years. Apparently others feel the same way not currently for sale. Although Amazon, so you usually have to pre-order and a delivery date yet

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