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Google includes war e-book reader and supports the Sony Reader Digital Book

It 's always been my opinion that e-book reader is to win the war not only on price. It seems that Google and the Sony Reader Digital Book Amazon, fired the first salvo across the bow, where the new battleground for the sale of eBooks … Proprietary file formats are on the line.

One of the biggest obstacles to people that the revolution e-book reader, and that was when he threw his hatwith a producer, then a change in the future meet in a library of post unreadable and unusable for the new election was the result. I felt then, as the time the new technology and higher ticket prices for the units, it was a good idea. Most manufacturers have a proprietary format, it seemed that only small farmers in their efforts to shape their plans even more attractive, in fact, as long-termProblem.

Fast forward to today, gold e-book reader race is over, we're back in the middle of a global down and buyers looking for more value, too. They're still there, but they are in voltage mode and ribbons into the atmosphere no one has established what I said is too often happened in the past.

Thus, the logical step for the manufacturer of these devices is necessary for greater openness. Sony seems to have stolen a good startAmazon with the recent announcement by Google that support the open ePub. This format is the adoption of PDF as the preferred format to provide free content, and we all know where publishers like Google more and more with this choice.

I do not think it's a coincidence that the editorial series recently announced by Sony Digital Book Reader PDF has support for this format and how it is with GooglePrivacy Policy. This must come as a great shock of planets on Amazon. Kindle model, recently updated, first, that directly supports ePub even now are at a distinct disadvantage for the experts eBook Reader. connoisseurs are not only Kindle at all costs under control, and we all know that Sony always in their power to the ground forward.

So what is ePub, and why it suddenly seems to show both companies from the skyAmazon?

ePub format is an open standard, simple format that is specific to the text-based e-book or e-book, as we all know them. Unlike PDF, ePub automatically reduced or enlarged characters of different screen sizes. This makes it much easier to reader e-books in PDF format, the basic text was always meant as a friendly image and is not responsible overwhelming the small screen. To answer the second part of question we need to do is look in Gotoying spirit. You have always been delivered on the side of freedom of choice and the masses of relevant content. There is no limit in their psyche that million shares available to most books go Ogle, but some readers, readers of their own eBook reader models and so they came to side with Sony's digital books Pub. This has led, intentionally or unintentionally, it is likelyYou never know, two giants squaring against the leaders of the current market.

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