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My Top Ten Benefits of your books as e-book

If you write to us or more books, there are some interesting advantages of publishing e-books. An E-Book is an electronic book is also known as e-mail reservation is digital or e-book. Quite simply, it is a book that is created on the computer and sold as a download. Here are my top ten advantages:

1. E-books are relatively quick, easy and inexpensive to publish. First, of course, you need a well-written andcarefully edited manuscript. (You can write your own book or pay a ghostwriter to write.). Then on, provided that-it-yourself digital publishing take you do, you can convert your Word document in PDF format (the most popular format for e-book), and if you sell your book to Kindle and Apple iPad for – and must – you must create your manuscript for these formats. They must also come from creating a simple Web sitethe book sell your e-mail service and a shopping cart for payments from buyers and download the book on their computer. (Note: Some authors of the book and write their books for free as a promotional tool). Among other things, it's a good idea to book an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) '. An ISBN is a unique number that identifies your book. You must have if you want the book Libraries or online booksellers like Amazon.com sells. Also, be sure to protect your digital book author.

If-it-yourself publishing is not your cup of tea is a book based on the agency web publishers to publish and sell your eBook in exchange for a reduction of revenue in

2. In contrast to traditional publishing, all decisions in e-book publishing is another, determine the content of any> Paper and reporting is similar to that in which your book is published, what to sell, and how the IT market. But if you want an experienced guide and advice on these topics as you like, there are professionals in the field of e-books, including the way in which they are specialized for the buyers' market.

3. Proceeds from the sale of your book that you all are all digital, as long as they publish. If you are a publisher ebookto cut what he deserves your book, but the average much less than you get a traditional publisher.

4. You can make your electronic book, whenever you want. In contrast, a traditional publisher of the publishing house, not in deciding whether and when a revised version of his book can be found, regardless of how man-of-date the current number.

5. Your e-book can be interactive and link to video or audioContent, helpful resources, you can podcast interviews, your website, blog, and so they did. These properties can read e-books, special experience.

6. E-Books are big business marketing tools. Among other things, for example, can help to educate the members of your target group, on issues related to your products or services – because the protection of succession planning is important and how it works, the difference between a divorce and a traditional partnership Divorce, the basic principles of treatment, and so on.

Seventh digital books can be excellent vehicles for highlighting your professional knowledge and skills necessary to develop a stronger profile on a national experts who manage the media for comments on a specification, and so on. However, it is a good idea, even a professional public relations expert to help with the book to set the objectives you have. Only aPaper> is not.

8. If the book sells well, it can help you land a contract with a traditional publisher, if that's your goal.

9. E-books are convenient for buyers. After paying for books online, buyers can download copies almost immediately, at any time of day or night.

10. E-books are environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional printed books.

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