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Ebook Reader Review Nook

The Nook, which sell for $ 259, offers a variety of features such as the Kindle 2, a large collection of titles with a wireless download. In addition, navigation is the force can be e-reader in the first style, with a color touch screen for the wireless and now need to download more than AT & T 3G or Wi-Fi Internet access.

The 11 ° 2 – ounce Nook (.. 7 7 9 x 5 x 4 inches) with 2 GB of internal memory, enough for about 1, 500 titles. They have aMicroSD slot, the capacity will increase significantly. could be another 17 gigabyte, 500 e-books – as a device of 16 degrees with a version of the Android operating system, but currently does not support third-party applications. Perhaps most surprising, with the support Nook many e-books in various formats like Fictionwise, PDF and EPUB.

The screen is 16 – to find gray e-ink screen with the Kindle 2, but I could not do much hands-on time with him. In any case, someE-reader display separately. What can the Nook is the library of the fascinating subject. For example, as the latest Sony Reader and the next player uses the ePub iREX, e-books in an open format, units, you can move between tracks.

Obviously this company on games like ePub format of the future. "Our customers want a book anytime, anywhere," said William Lynch, chairman of Barnes &Noble. "In addition, the ePub format is acceptable." The Kindle, needless to say, not supported ePub.

Nook buyer may be able to books and other library customers of Barnes & Noble to pay when a corner iPhone, Blackberry, read, own, or even books on the computer. The loans of about 2 weeks. "Friends are able to do what they have always done what you pay for each other's books," said Lynch.

Perhaps the biggest margin NookE-reader market is to make the store. With over 700 dealers, 40, 000 consultants and retail Web site that may be in the top 20 on the Internet, this company has an excellent location for the reader. Take a corner of a Barnes & Noble and you will be able to get their content via Wi-Fi match. They also have access to the full text of every book in eBook Store Company – but only if you are providing for.

"The library is theThe environment is important for generating demand, "says Lynch. As the largest library in the world, there is a huge margin." Customers will not actually download the books, but that with current technology, that Lynch had not spoken to.

Barnes & Noble was elegant Nook Ebook Reader from creative designers like Kate Spade, Jack Spade and Jonathan Adler. The company is accepting pre-orders for the subsequent transmission of the device corners. com. Last HolidaySeason exhausted their stock completely.

This is a big step for Barnes & Noble, but as Chief Executive Officer Steve Riggio said the company was in this room. "We were selling the first e-books." Riggio said. "We were the first Rock the sale of an eBook reader, book reader with this."

The concern, of course, disappointed. Now, the company will make the effort, again with the Nook.

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