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Kobo – The back-to-basics eReader

For a long time, Amazon Kindle eReader content of the battery capacity, that he preferred "a book to read, because the direct solar radiation, long life, and his" whispersyncing with Amazon. But despite all these advantages for a reader of books informal way to buy a Kindle do not make much sense economically. An investment of $ 259 a Kindle 2 is clearly a need for someone who only read a few books for the New Year. Kobo come on the market with thiscan be more than a few people to make their own choices in deciding whether to purchase a change eReader. The eReader Kobo has a starting price of $ 150

So we should eReader annoy others? The eReader Kobo is more or less what is contained in similar units. State E 'with two magazines and five font sizes available and the ability to navigate through the chapters and so on. In your eReader library Kobo, you can be up to 1000 eBook at a time so that moreorganizational function, see the Kindle. It is 7.2 inches (18.4 centimeters) by 4.7 inches (12cm) with a thickness of less than an inch and a half.

Despite the fact that Kobo has a wide range of features there are some downsides. To begin with, has a 3G connection. To download an ebook on eReader Kobo need to finish the book via USB or Bluetooth to transfer obtained. Also, load times a little 'slower than other available eReader. There are 8 stepsgray levels, while others eReader, with 16 levels of Kindle.

Kobo Kobo also have access to international trade with 2 million shares. Kobo supports ePub and PDF format.

Overall, the eReader Kobo set a back-to-basics, provides a good reading experience that will be of interest to the consumer price sensitive and casual readers. It seems to have the right qualities and trimmed at the same time a good bookExperience.

On the strengths and weaknesses of the Kobo is a device that the strategy of Kobo. Kobo, the strategy is not a super eReader. Instead, it is the construction and delivery of software features allows you to store e-books for others, including the manufacturer (for example, Plastic Logic), booksellers (eg limits). This content can be delivered eReader on a wide range of devices other than Kobo. He has already developed its own software for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Mac,and PC, iPad and are currently working on an App

The eReader Kobo can be ordered in advance and will be at the national borders book stores sold this summer for $ 150.

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