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A comparison between the Sony Reader Digital Edition and the Amazon Kindle eReader

EReader on the market with different question arises, what product is better and why. To help you decide between Amazon's Kindle and Sony Reader, we were both elements for a range of products. We looked at the size, weight, price, usability, and how the eBook download. This information helps us to conclude that the Amazon Kindle is still reading the electronic device on the market better than Sony Touch Edition. Sony are otherReaders are available, though.

Sony Touch Edition:

Size: 6.9×4.8x.4 Customs

Weight: 10.1 ounces

The Sony Touch Edition is $ 299.99 in most shops and online. Best Buy is only one place you can find the players that if you try to test it. During the commissioning of the power button on the device is easy to see, such as memory chips. They have clear instructions on how to use it. There is a button called home that takes you to the options that you are getting thehow to read a book or archive file download. There are two buttons on the left side of the bottom of the player to move from side to side. There was also a button to change the way pages are displayed, and adjust the resolution of all potential situations. The disadvantage of the Sony Reader is the lack of wireless connectivity. For the paperback edition, you need the USB cable to your computer to downloadBooks.

Amazon Kindle:

Size: 7.5×5.3x.7 Customs

Weight: 10.3 ounces

The first thing I noticed on Amazon's Kindle, as it is set. bottom plate of the Kindle, you have a keyboard. It has all the letters on a normal keyboard, and with numbers. Along the right side of the Kindle offers a menu back next page buttons and options. The original wireless device, the next page and previous page options on both sides for a comfortableHandling. The latest generation of wireless Amazon Kindle for a total of $ 259.00. It offers 3G wireless technology that allows Internet from anywhere. It uses the same technology as mobile phones, so you do not have to look for a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Amazon Kindle is a little 'bigger and heavier than the Sony Reader, but we're talking about a small difference. Usability means that the keyboard on the Kindle, the easier it is for books, looking for possible sites, andother options needed. For less than $ 40.00 Sony Touch Edition also gives you access to the 3G network to download books directly to the Kindle, where as the Sony eReader, you must connect to a computer.

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