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Amazon Kindle Reader Review – What you need to know about these new wireless reading device

Ebooks has recently included the development of wireless reading devices that can easily bring your collection of digital books, magazines and newspapers. In this article, do not receive an Amazon Kindle reader article describes the main features of the product so you can decide whether to buy or should.

Amazon Kindle recently reformatted into a new and improved, here are the main featuresThis product

acquisition or 3G network from your device Kindle Kindle eBook also receive new releases and best-selling third of the purchase price for the book. There is also a free backup of all the songs you buy, then you have nothing to lose, nothing to fear.

or anti-glare screen makes it easy to read under the sun.

o The display is very clear and easy to read than the competition.

or 256 MBmore SD card slot for expandable memory gives you plenty of room in your Amazon Kindle reader to monitor thousands of digital.

You may read "Kindle", you are entitled, the holders had no rights of persons with disabilities this function (do not allow multiple titles, and you can read the latest exchanges very quickly)

or turn the page quickly Kindle, the previous model and other competing products.

O sharper, clearer versions in black and whitestill a decent job with color photos to distort or something to see no difficulty in grayscale.

O with very small, thin and portable, high-capacity battery.

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