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Amazon Kindle vs Sony Reader – eBook Reader What should I buy for 2008?

Trying to choose between Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader is an easy task! This is complicated by the fact that fans on both sides of the issue. It 's the best for the facts and see for yourself, make your decision.

The first thing that has included a comparison of these devices in the price. The price is about the same for both eBook Reader. $ 40 more – but the new model from Sony, the PRS700 is at almost $ 400 PriceKindle, currently at $ 359. While neither version is cheap, Kindle wins on price.

Another very important feature when comparing the Kindle vs Sony Reader 700 is the availability of content. In this category, the Sony Reader, Kindle hit the hands down. At the time of this writing there are more than 190,000 books in Kindle Store, and today the most popular magazines, newspapers and blogs. The eBook StoreSony has just 60,000 titles, but that is expected to grow to 100,000 by early 2009. You can not download newspapers, magazines or blogs, not from the Sony store.

The next thing that is likely to be affected, it is best to read both visually and to see and show you and your friends. The good news is that both players have the E-Ink technology that uses plain paper look. This reduces the risk of eye strain and make you feel The reading is more like a normal book.

In relation to what the devices look, the reader Kindle Sony just invented. The biggest complaint about the Kindle is clear that the car is ugly! It looks like a device developed at the end of the 90th The Sony Reader 700, on the other hand, has a smooth black iPodish "too. This is what we expected for a design of a device for 2008.

Speaking of design of the Sony Reader is a touch screen display, while the> Kindle is not. Although this is a great step forward for the e-book reader, and it seems that the advantage of Sony in the general quality of the Sony screen seem interested in giving. Sony has had to add a touch screen at the highest level of their level of e-ink display. This means that some of the contrast and the "Real Book" I feel that is the Amazon Kindle really miss him. This does not mean that books are read, it just means that if you compare the listings on these twoAppliances Side-by-side would probably have said, the Kindle has a better contrast and is a little 'sharper.

Both eBook Reader, you can change the font size of the book you read on to make bigger. This is something really great if you have difficulty reading, for having printed too small to have. A slight advantage that the Sony Reader, Kindle has 700 over the Amazon in terms of readability, LED-backlit for reading in low light conditions. On the surface this soundsGreat, we need a clip-on light, but not so. Fast contributions to the Sony Reader, has reported that the light illumination of the display is a bad job, and in some cases it is difficult to read because it affects the contrast and visibility of the text.

Since no one wants to carry around a large, bulky equipment, is all too happy that both devices weigh only 10 grams. It is about the weight of a couple of paperback books! This makes it easy to travel with and easy toto read. But the Sony Reader is a little 'less than the Kindle, it may be, good and bad depending on how you look.

If these two separate devices is really the ease with which you can download it to your books and readers. With Sony you have on your PC, a USB cable to download, you can transfer files to your readers, and open it. The Kindle does not need a computer with its ability to Wi-Fi. OnlyRegarding the Kindle Store, where the book a few buttons and a minute or so for it, because you. The Kindle is definitely easier in that regard.

Storage space is another thing you really need to check. Both players have to save a lot of space for the average user with the ability to more than 200 books. If you tend to buy lots of books or reference to many different, consider the Sony Reader. It 's morethan the Kindle, and also supports external memory cards are more books, more storage capacity up to Kindle.

Last but not least, you should contact the ebook format you can use on any device that concern them. While both come with their own formats, Amazon reader accepts only the popular file formats MOBI. If you have files in this format, the choice is likely to be very clear.

There you have it – a comparison between the two best ebookReaders on the market. What is right can not be right for one person to another, you should consider long and hard about these properties that are right for you. For many people, however, Amazon Kindle is a device that is not easy to beat for its ability to provision, Wi-Fi and breadth of content.

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