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Where to buy Amazon Kindle eBook Reader DX – Free Shipping & Special Offers

If you wonder where it now sells for DX Kindle ebook reader, delivery and shipping-related offers, or you already own Kindle 2 and considering an upgrade or you are a book lover or not updated their minds to have a better choice for your needs. With so much enthusiasm for the new fire since May, not all closed as well. But as a buyer you need to know for sure that the changes came in the thirdGeneration of mobile devices, and if they fit your lifestyle or not. A comparison between the two versions of DX and K2 is a must. Here is a brief overview of the latest updates to the final decision to help.

Larger screen

The most obvious change is the new display and a 1 ½ times larger than K2. It 's just 9.7 inches and 6 inches in diagonal, in contrast to the previous version. This is a great feature allows you to rotate machinein all directions and read the page in portrait or landscape mode. Very useful for reading rich formatted text, graphics, flat, graphs, tables, journals, reports, Google Maps and Weather. Connect e-paper technology as the best e-reader does not receive a master of the eyes that read on a computer.

Built-in PDF support

The gadget comes with a big breath, PDF support. The current version is able to upload PDF files, but it happens In a round about way and it was very embarrassing. He had to go to Amazon the process through e-mail sent to convert the file and download it again for a minimal cost. Save the problems with the new device, because you can simply buy, download PDF files online or from a list of the USB port. The PDF file can load a series of graphs and display pages of Nice, with the faster processor, at least.

Overall Dimension

The new> Amazon Kindle is 10.4 cm long, 7.2 cm wide and 0.38 cm thick, while the Kindle 2 is much less than 8 "in length, 5.3 cm wide and 0 , 36 cm thick. There you can see, you can no longer feel restricted to go online or read your favorite best-sellers.


There is no trace of doubt that they are compact and light as a magazine, but DX 18.9 oz 10.2 oz compared to the Kindle 2. Eventhen gives a solid feel of a real book buying DX. It all depends on your usage and needs, so you can decide if you need to do on a larger screen or compromise of weight.

File Storage Capacity

What is a light, without the ability to save files. Although the increase in space is not significant, but is still twice the last time DX has a memory of 2 GB to 4 GB of storage capacity compared to Kindle 2to 3,500 books, manuals and documents that could carry more than 200% of the K2 to be worn with just € 1,500. The new storage capacity is a tempting one, you must agree.


The price difference is not negligible. It remains one of the most important factors that determine it. The Kindle costs $ 489 less than DX against the 2nd-Gene version, even at a price of $ 359. Even if the DX is more useful for reading and browsing, like mostand ergonomic, but only if you want to enjoy the portability and do not mind the 6 inch screen, you can see the K2. Students can now empty backpack for good, and professionals from various sectors, are all worth the price.

Concluding remarks

So if you like reading, there's no way want to return to K2, after which he would be suitable for DX. I'm not saying that the previous version has lost its luster, but since we have a major confrontation in the faceWe go the extra investment sense. As an expert reviewer, I can tell you with a resale value of at least 50% after 2 years. So your net cost, then fell to $ 245th

So if this review helped you in your mind, there is the problem of where to buy the Kindle Reader DX, please go talk to Amazon. Same Com, the most reliable source for these books and electronic reading device. We guarantee delivery acceleratedThe product of 1 or 2 day express delivery services. Otherwise it will be sent via international standard. Automatically refund the shipping costs if delivery is not the case. They are also less than 1-year warranty with an optional two years extended warranty if you live in the U.S.

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