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Kindle 2 or Nook?

Barnes & Noble, the market "Nook" this year for 2 to compete with Amazon Kindle eBook reader. So, what are the main differences between the two?

And the most important differences between the first corner and Kindle 2 is the fact that the Nook has a navigation screen color Note that I did not say a color display, but a navigation screen. The Kindle 2 and both players Nook gray, crystalline. But Nookhas added a thin screen in color. In this picture you can print titles of books in color, and there are other features affecting the color.
Second, the Nook is to synchronize with a host of other intelligent devices on the market. This is made possible by the software platform Nook run Google, called Android. Developers can build "applications or other software, and we will soon see how the impact of the market.
The Nook offersthe ability to borrow in order to reserve your family or friends. It is necessary to "app" that are so smart on the device and in fact also allows Nook. The Kindle is not the time to write books about it. It should be noted is that even if "borrowed" the book is not open to the people who hire. Can 'be reserved up to 2 weeks.

Otherwise, Kindle 2 and Nook are exactly the same price at the time. They have similarand storage options with similar radio and 3G download capabilities.

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