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The differences between Kindle and Nook 2 – Which is better?

Amazon Kindle 2 and Barnes and Noble Nook are the two heavyweights in the important battle of the e-book reader this year. There are many similarities and critical differences between the two. What are they and what is the best digital e-book reader? Let's take a look.

E-Ink Display Screens Both the Kindle and Nook-2, the same ink technology "for its e-screen. The reading for hours in this eBook Reader do not like a clockComputer screen. E-Ink screen shows the words (or more) in search of a real book.

The Nook, however, has an additional color navigation screen, below the screen. The touch screen makes it through the titles of books, magazines and other publications to navigate. There is also a touch-screen keyboard on the screen. No display may vote for, consumers will soon be able to, but everyone says.

Wireless and 3GBoth the Kindle 2, the Nook, and wireless capabilities. To purchase books and other publications, if you have access to a wireless network. If there is WLAN, and 3G capabilities enable you to download in this situation.

International availability is a big difference between the ebook reader features two international bodies. The Kindle 2 is able to use books and downloadmore than 100 countries, while the Nook is fully operational in the United States. Of course, the Nook is working device, meaning you can still read books from the country, but you can not more books and publications. This is obviously a very important point for international customers to consider.

Nook Nook The loan is the ability, the ability for you to give your Noble books to other software that I downloaded and Barnes. You do not necessarilywas given a corner of the books, but the only software. You should know that the time of the loan only 2 weeks and the person is not with the book at that time. A good feature? Customer time will tell.

Both the storage and 2 GB of memory Kindle Nook the grounds that the books for about 1,500, but provides extra space for 17 500 Nook good to be on top of the title is thrown from. 2 gig is enough? Well, read a bookDay and you have four years of reading material!

Other differences-The Kindle device has a lighter text-to-Speech Technology and simple Web-browsing features, but not the Nook.

Another notable difference is the software Google Android Nook. Barnes & Noble chose this software for developing applications by software developers, based Nook with work. We have to see how the software and performs when youan iPod is so popular in applications.

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