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3 new Kindle

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The new ergonomically improved 3 Amazon Kindle, available in graphite and white is a better reading experience. After three Kindle Review, Kindle, that the month has typical applications such as page turns faster, sharper, change fonts, PDF and more memory, better range and a battery life of up to one. In addition, the characteristics of read-centric, social networking and free access to the 3G Kindle Store that stocks a wide rangeThe reading materials at competitive prices. Kindle also offers three seconds download directory 60 and cross-platform sharing. Kindle 3 votes must be positive.

On the other hand, unlike the Kindle 2, it is easier to carry and read in general. He has a bigger screen 6-E-Ink, the pearl of the best contrast for readability. It weighs less, after which a small, thin, light, but with more memory to 4 GBcarry 3,500 books at a time.

The battery can be up to a month without Wi-Fi. You can use the charger at home when you are probably back in time. Buttons have been on both sides of the screen down over the edge for ease of use. 2 They are classified in conflict on the basis of the direction buttons of the Kindle formulated. A small joystick of the screen near the menu and the house keys and other keys are below the zone.

The readability factor wasgreatly improved. Font is updated and it is a choice of condensate, with or without serifs in sizes small, medium or large. It also supports non-English characters such as Japanese, Chinese and Cyrillic. The built-in PDF Reader allows you to add the research highlights, notes, or meaning in the dictionary and can also access a password-protected files.

Kindle 3, not only offers free access to 3G in the U.S. and more than 100 countries, but also allows readers to access the Internet or stored outside3G spectrum. The browser is now based on WebKit and Kindle. Via 3G or Wi-Fi are all supported software can be accessed by Android.

Kindle 3 shows a softer side for people with visual impairments or via Wi-Fi and 3G features, read the terms and menus. It comes with a U.S. power adapter, USB 2.0 cable, battery, and a brief introduction.

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