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Evaluation of the new Kindle Wireless Reading Device

September 27, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I purchased the latest version of Kindle, the hesitation and after reading the news in the original version, some of which are very positive.

I saw people who wanted to see the train travel with my Kindle and Kindle, instead of pulling 2 or 3 books with me on every trip.

Here is my honest opinion:


The latest version of Kindle is thinner, without the angle in thePrevious version … seems wise, is much more high-tech and high class.
It reads like a normal book, with no backlight. So you have a normal room lights to read.
It can take up to 1500 songs that are good for someone like me who travel frequently and maintain a sufficient space to house as many books.
You can buy the first chapter of each book, before deciding. Well, it's really fair, and offers to make sure that the library and browseon the shelves. In some countries, these books are complete, so you can not open the closed book, the contents of scanning!
Satisfaction is …. If you are interested in a particular stock, you can download immediately, rather than sourcing, put it in reserve so that in the middle of the night, you can read your book.
There is no fee or sign up fee to download as it works on 3G. There is no need for a PC, etc. to connect
It can be used by both left andThe right hand.
He has a long battery life is not easy and warm.


There is a one-second delay when you turn the page, so you have to get used to it.
You can not really be used for research purposes or for school … Unlike regular books, chapters, where you can search for Sticky Notes and the set, this is not possible with the Kindle. Therefore, it is only good for the casual reader.
it only reads PDF and Kindle. Although able to read otherFormats such as doc., Word, etc, you go to Amazon to convert) in a small fee (10 cents per unit and e-mail.
You can not share your book with others, even if they themselves the Kindle.
It 'hard, so if you want to read in bed, make sure that does not fall on your head!
If you are libraries such as holding a real book of your hand and then the idea of browsing the Kindle is not for you.

All in all it is aworthwhile investment!

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