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3 different options to consider before buying – the electronic readers for the test

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In this article we will compare three different options to consider before buying an eBook reader. The electronic reading device controls the following features and specifications for each position that will hopefully make it easier for you to choose between them.

1. Amazon Kindle: the Kindle reader talked more. Amazon version of a portable scanning device can hold up to 1,500 pounds, the global wirelessCover and slightly from 10.2 grams and measures just over 1 / 3 of an inch thick. You can download books wirelessly in 60 seconds on 3G and not worry about any monthly fees or contracts. The screens have to take care of a newspaper such as the display, even in direct sunlight, non-glare. You can read-a-me and you can read your books, you can enjoy and also a built-in dictionary. There is a wide selection of books, magazines, blogs andNewspaper choose and offers a low price of the books of the New York Times bestsellers and new releases.

2. Sony Digital Reader: The electronic reading device offers the same features as its counterpart the Kindle with a 6-inch display, but also has the touch-screen navigation. You can save pages with the movement of the fingers, make notes and keep your hands free, text components, you might want to review later.It also comes with the eBook Library software to export notes to your computer. The Sony Reader supports industry standards ePub and PDF, so that the books have access to a broader spectrum and places you can get. It can take up to 350 books at a time.

3. Amazon Kindle DX: This version of the Kindle has a 9.7 inch display, larger. It can simultaneously accommodate 3,500 books and magazines in one, if thea little 'more than the original Kindle, but it is limited to wireless. Includes all other functions that the Kindle, but has 16 gray levels, resulting in clearer images and text. It also has an auto-rotating screen so you can between portrait and landscape mode switch easily changed.

In this article we looked at 3 different e-readers and outlined the different specifications for each. the first to buy one of the above options, given theThe differences between the Amazon Kindle, the Sony Reader and the bigger screen and more memory capacity of the Amazon Kindle DX.

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